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Readers Respond: Your Reasons For Riding a Bike

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People ride bikes for a variety of reasons. Environmental concerns, exercise, practical transportation, to save money, to just have fun. Share why it is YOU ride your bike. Share Why You Ride

why i love my bike

I am 14 and love my bike. I ride for fitness. Once you have ridden for a few weeks it is enjoyable and a good challenge.
—Guest gave the cyclist

Why I Ride.

I always rode a bike in the 70's to get to work before I had a car. I started when I was 14-15. When cars came along the bikes went. Now that I'm older, I enjoy driving and I just love my motorcycle. I always had an MTB and a road bike in the garage but they didn't get much use. Then two months ago at the age of 54 I injured my knee at work quite badly. I've been off work for nearly two months now. Three weeks ago my doctor said the swellings gone down so you need to start exercising your leg to support your knee. No walking or running though. Swimming or cycling only. I hate swimming so I got out the road bike and cleaned it up. I've put on about 70 pounds in the last 30 years and I'm out of condition. The first two bike rides were pure torture, where we live we suffer with strong winds. But the more I rode, the more I enjoyed it. I try and ride at least 4 times a week. In the first 2 weeks I lost 8lbs. I love it, I'm going to keep cycling as part of my new fitness regime. It's brilliant.
—Guest Andy Forbes

I ride because I can afford nothing else

Being on SSI, I can't afford to drive anything else. While most people ride in order to relax and for recreation. I've rode bikes all my life out of necessity. I do like riding bikes, but my next step is a moped.
—Guest Patrick


there's freedom on a bicycle...it's a freedom you almost cant describe...no parking space needed...this light post will do...traffic is backed up...no matter... what you wanna do where you wanna go...these two wheels can take you...this bike wont get tired..but you will...this bike is gonna outlive you...and it will love you if you let yourself love that bike...its gonna take you through streets and beautiful parts of your own neighborhood you probably didnt know existed or maybe you did and forgot. you'll find short cuts on your way home but you'll love the ride so much you're gonna take the long way home...most of the time...but watch out for that car because they aint watching for you...
—Guest tyler durden


i love stunt riding, mostly free riding Free riding. to me is going out with your buddies and riding. It’s going out some days and building new trails, it's improving the ones we already have. In other words, is just having fun.
—Guest stunts

Daily exercise

After 40 years I took my old Triumph Sports out of storage and started to use it for daily exercise. The only problem is that cyclists in my age group are very rare. I have covered about 3000 km so far, and have never seen any other oldster on a similar bike. One does not realize it, but warming up by stretching exercises before riding is beneficial. After using a three speed rear axle for over a year, I re-fitted the 1972 Simplex derailleur, (still works) and it makes everything easier. The bike saves petrol, and the exercise makes me feel wonderful

I've been biking to work...

I have been biking to work for the past 17 years-the first 4.5 years maybe 4+ total miles a day and when I got transferred to a different store I had to endure a 6 mile one way ride-12+miles a day! I have a Jamis Hudson 7 speed and can't live without it! Unlike some of my fellow bikers, I stop at lights and the stop signs because they don't say "STOP-CARS ONLY"-they say stop for all vehicle traffic! I am epileptic and can never own nor drive a car-so this is the only transportation (other than buses or cabs-cost money) that I can call my own!!


I ride 8 miles four days a week for exercise. It's fun and less stressful on my feet and ankles. I have mixed jogging and biking for several years for the last 10 years after being a runner exclusively for 23 years prior. I primarily bike for the last 4 years due to an ankle problem. I'm 74 years old and really enjoy it and my blood pressure is usually around 118/70 with only 20mg of BP medication daily.
—Guest Woody Hilliard

Doing something out of the ordinary

Many people travel to and from places by cars and what not... i pride myself because i am enjoying my daily chore. Cycling helps me relieve stress and i cannot live a day without encompassing slight danger. Riding a bike has increased my stamina and made my legs look really nice and extremely strong. Using a bicycle also does not require you to spend a lot of your hard earned money on tariffs, petrol and other expenses.
—Guest Sam

Ted K.

I am 72 years old and 100 pounds overweight, been biking off and on since I was a kid. I just love it and it helps my health issues. Two friends from my childhood again ride with me. Love traveling to different trails for rides and always have a bike in the back of my SUV. I rode in the 1970's when an adult riding a bike was strange so am thrilled it is now an all age sport and many trails are being added. Happy Trails Ted K.
—Guest Ted K.


Once you get over your fear of hills and cars, you feel like you can go anywhere and do anything.
—Guest christian w.

Just Starting

I just joined to biking clubs in New York and have yet to get my bike, but I will. I have more free time and want to do something really enjoyable outdoors and this is the best I came up with. Anyone in New York area on this Board. Would love to hear from you about cycling.

mad about bikes

i got my first new Royal blue bike at 15 and I was mad about cycling, I just love the feeling every time I get on a bike I feel like that 15 year old again. In my forties, my daughter and I got Bikes and went out riding together; when all my neighbours in the street saw us having so much fun, they were quite surprised but soon got over it and decided they would like bikes too (including the reluctant Adults). Lol, looks like I started something. Now that I'm recovering from a broken wrist I'm looking forward to getting out my bike again and no doubt the unimaginative people will talk as I'm now over sixty, shock horror, but hey who cares when you're having fun, might even treat myself to a new bike with front suspension.
—Guest maggi11

A lifelong adventure

I have been riding a bike for many years and enjoyed all of the aspects of biking. I also take Spinning classes year round. Several years ago, my left hip started giving me problems and I was forced to give up riding. The hip was replaced and I returned to biking after a long hiatus. It really is as much a mental lift as a physical benefit. Now I am experiencing problems with my other hip. I find that maintaining a daily exercise routine including biking or spinning helps to alleviate some of the discomfort. I will probably have to have hip replacement surgery on this one too but I will be back on my bike asap.
—Guest Dan

El Viejo

My Bride (of 32 years) was diagnosed with incurable cancer over three years ago. She's still doing ok, but suggested I buy a Townie we saw in REI about 2 1/2 years ago. I started taking longer and longer rides on it (25-35 miles) until someone suggested I needed a more appropriate bike for such distances. Have since purchased a couple of carbon fiber bikes and get great satisfaction from rides up to 50 or 60 miles. My Bride recommended the bike knowing I'd find it a great tension release. It sure has and has added obvious health benefits for this 60 year old. I'm hooked. For ALL of the reasons most folks have given, and more....
—Guest El Viejo

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