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Readers Respond: Your Reasons For Riding a Bike

Responses: 64


People ride bikes for a variety of reasons. Environmental concerns, exercise, practical transportation, to save money, to just have fun. Share why it is YOU ride your bike.

Why I started cycling.

I never got the hang of riding as a kid. I decided, before turning 50, it was important to learn. Best decision I ever made. While riding I can't focus on anything but me, my bike and the road.
—Guest Maggie J

why i ride

because its good to ride/ fun to ride My Bride (of 32 years) was diagnosed with incurable cancer over three years ago. She's still doing ok, but suggested I buy a Townie we saw in REI about 2 1/2 years ago. I started taking longer and longer rides on it (25-35 miles) until someone suggested I needed a more appropriate bike for such distances. Have since purchased a couple of carbon fiber bikes and get great satisfaction from rides up to 50 or 60 miles. My Bride recommended the bike knowing I'd find it a great tension release. It sure has and has added obvious health benefits for this 60 year old. I'm hooked. For ALL of the reasons most folks have given
—Guest cool

why i love my bike

I am 14 and love my bike. I ride for fitness. Once you have ridden for a few weeks it is enjoyable and a good challenge.
—Guest gave the cyclist


First I ride a bike for relaxation. It is definitely fun to ride a bike - good for health, saves money. It has all the advantages.


And to promote cycling as a safe way of transportation in my community. Luis González-Mena

It Keeps me Alive

I've rideen a bike ever since I got my cousin's girl's bike as a hand-me-down when I was 6 years old (55 years ago!). As a kid my bike was my transportation around town and to school. IT went with me to college but didn't get alot of use. When I met my wife we began to ride together, but then she had a crash and was afraid to get on the bike. My riding declined. A move to Texas was the catalyst to get back on. My new doctor told me that I'd better start exercisng more--find something I like to do. And so I began to cycle in earnest at the age of 46. It is now a part of my life. My health is so much better, my mental health is so much better, I start and end my day with a 16 mile commute each way to work in DC. Days that I can't ride and have to take the Metro it just seems like something is missing. I'm not as sharp or energetic. I'm not sure what it is that I like so much. Being on the bike just seems right!

Just Do It!!

I ride because I CAN, it sure beats dealing with driving a car and the related expenses. I can ride almost anywhere I need to go here in Southern AZ, on a year round basis. If something is too far away, I can always jump on a bus or 2 to help.
—Guest Gene

New found freedom

Just bought my first bike at 55 years of age. As a kid I had to borrow one from family or friends. Bought a fold up bike that goes in back of my car down and tried out on the local promenade along the seea wall. Now found a route five minutes from my house so no having to fold the bike and I go cycling after work along a non traffic route. Did not even know this park / canal existed. Great to feel the wind in my hair, no stress from phones and general good feeling of being able to do something for myself and get fitter in the process. Going a bit further each time out on my bike and loving the time to myself. I ride along the canal bank which has been improved with lots of wild life coming back. Great to watch the swans, moorhens and ducks. Get a bike and enjoy the ride.
—Guest JUNE

I Found Love.

A year and a half ago I met my boyfriend while on a group ride at a local bike shop. He's not only my best friend, but he's the love of my life. Here's a little animation I made about how we met: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtH_4is-KoM So get out and ride your bike! You never know who you might find... :)
—Guest Alexandra

I lost 58 kilos

On a trip to Egypt i managed to get...158kgs...not pounds of body weight due to a superheavy beef diet. When i came back home to India, i bought a really strong Hybrid and cycled my butt off... Literally! Long live bikers long live bikes!!

i love my bike soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am soooo greatful 4 my bike. i always used 2 ride it with my friend Jessie Kessinger who has passed away now. i can now look at my bicycle and remember her and i riding down that huge hill. ILY R.I.P Jessie K.
—Guest jasmine owens

Of course I ride my bike.

On short distances, less than 10 km for instance, a bike is often quicker than a car. Especially when there are cycletracks. No files. No parking problems. And it's good for your health. You can feel the seasons.
—Guest Clem. van der Made


My daughter had a head-on collision with a deer two years ago, I run a full-time business and am CEO of my family as well. Was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006. I ride to retain what sanity I have left. It's a spot in my life that is without phones, emails and requests from real life. It's what has kept me alive for at least the last year of my life. My bike IS my best friend.

I love my bikes

Fun and fitness. Pressing my limits and finding them. Meditation. Relaxation. Anger management.


I ride almost daily as long as there is no snow or ice; annually I log up to 5000 km on a road bike and a mountain bike. At 82 years of age I am thankful for every day I am able to participate in cycling, downhill and XC skiing and kayaking, hopefully for a few more years.

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