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Readers Respond: How to Keep Your Feet Toasty on Cool Weather Rides

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Riding your bike in the winter can be fun - as long as you can keep your feet warm. There are lots of tips and tricks people try to keep their feet warm. What has worked best for you? Share what works for you

Plastic bags

I have put just small plastic baggies over the front part of the foot. It does word OK, for a quick fix to keeping the toes warm. The condensation doesn't build up as much as the entire foot being inside a plastic bag.
—Guest Steve

Warm Feet

I keep my feet warm in the winter by going to Florida for the winter. Ride every day and warm feet:)
—Guest Paul White

Heat loss via the head

About 20% of body heat can be lost via the head. I am bald and found that the holes in the helmet allow a lot of cold air. I solved this by cutting the legs off a pantihose, and gathering the cut ends with a thin thread. This fit tightly over the head under the helmet.


I'm from Montana and found the battery operated sox work best.
—Guest Delores

warm feet

I bought a pair of used shoes that were one size too big, and I use these in the winter because they allow for the extra thick socks mentioned in the article, without having to be cinched overly tight. I also put additional thin padding under the shoes' soles where the cleats are attached. Finally, on really cold days, I use the toe covers mentioned in the article, but I put foam shoulder pads from a woman's blouse between the shoe and the cover. This adds some great additional insulation.
—Guest johnoliverfrokmorton

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How to Keep Your Feet Toasty on Cool Weather Rides

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