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Training and Fitness

Find out more here about training techniques you can use to accomplish your fitness goals on a bike, and how a smart approach to your nutrition will make you feel better and ride better.
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Train for a Century Ride
A century ride (100 miles) is a major accomplishment for a cyclist. Here's a training plan that will help you prepare to reach that goal of riding your bike a hundred miles in one day.

Survive and Thrive on a Century Ride
A century ride (100 miles) is a major accomplishment for a cyclist. You've trained for it and now it is time to ride. Here's are tips to ensure you reach that goal of riding your bike a hundred miles in one day.

Be a Better Biker - Without Even Getting on the Bike
Bicycling is a great activity with many benefits. A regular routine of cycling will help you increase your fitness level, decrease your stress level and maybe even help you avoid depression. Here's how to make your cycling routines even more effective.

What Happens in a Spinning Class?
Spinning has grown in popularity in recent years both among general fitness enthusiasts and with cyclists as a way to keep in shape among the off-season. Here's a description of what you'll find in a spinning class.

Workout Wow! Try a Hybrid Spinning Classes with Yoga, Strength or Ab Components
To carry your conditioning to the next level, you can take the incredibly effective interval workout of a cycling class and then stir in a little extra dose of yoga, strength or ab focus to create a killer total body workout. Find out more

Guide to Buying a Spin/Exercise Bike
Buying a spinning bike for home use can be a great addition to your physical fitness regiment.

What to know before you go into your first spinning/hybrid exercise class
Thinking about trying a spinning class? Or maybe taking on a blended class that combines a spin workout (group exercise bikes) with either abs/core, yoga or strength workouts? Here's what you should know going into it in order to feel prepared.

Improve Your Cycling Fitness with Spin Class Interval Training
Interval training can benefit cyclists of all levels. Find out more here about how you can do interval workouts in spin classes that'll really benefit you and make you stronger.

Heart Rate Training and Spinning / Indoor Cycling: a Powerful Combination
This article describes how you can develop your cardiovascular endurance through indoor cycling (also known as Spinning) sessions, which allows you to very specifically and intentionally utilize heart rate training under controlled circumstances.

What has Spinning Done for You?
People who do spin classes are often totally bonkers for them. They swear by these fun, energizing, intense workouts. Are you one of these folks? Share your story and hear from others who love these indoor cycling classes.

Q&A with the originator of the YAS (Yoga and Spinning) workout
Here's an interview with Kimberly Fowler, originator of the YAS (Yoga and Spinning) blended approach to workouts. Learn how this combination came about, why it works and who can benefit from this unique hybrid spinning/yoga workout.

Pilates for Cyclists
Here are recommended Pilates exercises for cyclists - Pilates exercises that can make you stronger on the bike

Weight Room Workouts to Improve Your Riding
Strong sprinting ability is key to winning many bike races. Learn how putting in time at the weight room can provide big improvements in your sprinting.

Cross-Training to Enhance Your Cycling
There are many different exercises and workouts that can help you on your bike. Check out this article to find out ways you can use cross-training to enhance your cycling

Training for a Double Century
Is a century ride just another ho-hum day on the bike for you? Maybe you should try the endurance test that a double century -- 200 miles -- offers. Check out this article for a training schedule that will have you ready to ride a double century in four months.

Rev Up Your Metabolism
Want to lose weight? Find out how eating more frequently can help your metabolism burn calories more efficiently.

Getting in Shape for Touring
Planning a bike tour this summer? Now is the time to start training. Learn how many miles you should be riding to be ready, and get specific tips to develop your strength and endurance.

Losing weight riding your bike - share your stories about shaping up through...
Have you lost weight by riding your bike? Read how others have done just that, and share your success story so others can benefit about how you got in better shape through cycling.

Kim Hellyar profile
This is the contributor profile for Kim Hellyar, a personal trainer in the St. Louis area. She has been a cycling instructor and a personal trainer since 1998.

This Seemed Like a Good Idea Three Months Ago
This Seemed Like a Good Idea Three Months Ago: Running a Marathon from a Cyclist's Perspective - a cyclist turns in his bike for running shoes. Hear what he learns along the way in training for a marathon

Cyclists turning into runners: your experience doing a marathon.
Are you a cyclist who has also done a marathon? What was the experience like for you? Share your story.

Interview with Dr. Kristina Pinto, author of Fit and Healthy Pregnancy
Women who are serious athletes -- both those who compete and those just enjoy vigorous exercise for its own sake-- often wonder what pregnancy will do to their ability to continue training. In this interview with Dr. Kristina Pinto, we learn all the facts about exercise during and after pregnancy for highly fit women.

Mindfulness in Cycling
Mindfulness is full concentration on the activity at hand. Here's how applying mindfulness can help you become a better cyclist and enjoy your ride more.

Mindfulness in Eating
In today’s fast paced world, eating gets frequently squeezed in between other activities. However, being intentionally mindful about how and what one eats can help increase both satisfaction and nutritional value of what you consume. Here's how to do just that.

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