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Books About Lance Armstrong


There are a number of terrific books about American cycling legend and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, including several written by Lance himself. Check out the list below for titles that will appeal to every type and age of reader.

1. It's Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life - by Lance Armstrong

By Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins. In this very personal memoir, Lance tells of growing up on the outside, his life-threatening bout with cancer in 1996, his victory in the Tour de France bicycle race in 1999--and the things that matter to him most.
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2. Lance Armstrong: The Race of His Life, by Kristin Armstrong

Part of the All Aboard reading series, this kids' book (intended for readers in grades 2-3) was written by Lance's former wife, Kristin Armstrong. It tells the inspirational story of the Tour de France champion from Austin, Texas, who overcame cancer to become the number one cyclist in the world, beginning with his childhood triathlon successes and how he did not let cancer stop him from achieving his dream.
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3. The Lance Armstrong Performance Program, by Lance Armstrong

The Lance Armstrong Performance Program
The full title of the book, "The Lance Armstrong Performance Program - The Training, Strengthening, and Eating Plan Behind the World's Greatest Cycling Victory" tells you all you need to know about the topic and content of this book. Working with coach Chris Carmichael, Lance has enjoyed unparalled success in the cycling world. In addition to seven victories in the Tour de France, Lance was a two-time Olympian, plus won two U.S. Championships and a World Championship. In clear, personal language, the book lays out the training plan developed by this invincible team for use by any rider over the course of a seven-week program. Comes complete with Lance's racing anecdotes, his optimum performance diet, and illustrative photographs.
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4. On The Bike With Lance Armstrong, by Matt Christopher

On the Bike with Lance Armstrong
Matt Christopher is the author of over a hundred sports books for kids. In On The Bike With Lance Armstrong, Christopher not only describes the success of the champion cyclist but how he overcame cancer to do it. How he fought back against this life-threatening disease and went on to take the cycling world by storm is a story that continues to amaze fans worldwide. This book is intended for middle readers.
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5. Lance Armstrong, by Bill Gutman

Lance Armstrong, by Bill Gutman
Lance is the premier cyclist in sports history. But the road to victory has not been smooth, which makes his story all the more compelling. In 1991 he was the National Amateur Cycling Champion, and a professional career seemed guaranteed. But a grim diagnosis of cancer in 1996 threatened to cut the career -- and his life -- short. But Lance devoted himself to the hard work of not only beating the disease, but getting back on the bike. By the summer of 1999 Lance was not only completeing again, he was leading the pack to his first Tour de France win. And he hasn't stopped winning since that sweet victory. Here's the story of Lance Armstrong, from his first ride, to his most recent race, and all the twists and turns in between!
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6. Lance Armstrong, by John Thompson

Lance Armstrong, by John Thompson
Intended for grades 4-7, this biography recounts Armstrong's early years, including Lance's high-school days in Austin, Texas; his early struggle to adapt to living and racing in Europe; and his cancer diagnosis and fight to recover and continue cycling. The book concludes with coverage of his wins in the 1999 and 2000 Tour de France.
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7. Learning About Resilience from the Life of Lance Armstrong

Learning About Resilience - Lance Armstrong
A biography aimed at grades 2-4 readers, this bio of Lance written by Brenn Jones comes from "The Character Building Series" With photos and direct, simple vocabulary and sentences, this book will be a better choice for reluctant readers. 24 pages.
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8. Mi Vuelta a La Vida / It's Not About the Bike (Spanish), by Lance Armstrong

Mi Vuelta a La Vida - It's Not About the Bike, by Lance Armstrong
This is the spanish language version of Lance's autobiography. Written by Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins, this very personal memoir tells of Lance growing up on the outside, his life-threatening bout with cancer in 1996, his victory in the Tour de France bicycle race in 1999--and the things that matter to him most.
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