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Getting Started in Biking


Bike shop owner helping customer choose bicycle
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Thinking about taking up bicycling? Whether for fun, fitness or transportation, riding a bike is a great way to get around. Here are the basic things to think about if you're getting started in biking.

How to Buy a Bike

One of the most confusing things may be simply figuring out what kind of bike you should get. But really, you can determine the answer by thinking about these three questions:

  • where you're most likely to ride
  • how tall you are
  • how much you want to spend

These three factors make up the most important pieces of your buying decision. Where you ride will tell you the style of bike that is probably best suited for you. The other factors -- your height and your budget -- are probably pretty clear to you too, and they play equally important parts in your decision. Pay attention to these and soon it will become clearer as to which way to go.

Bike Riding 101

So you haven't been out on a bike in a while. Here are some terrific tips and pointers on how to ride so that you feel both safe and comfortable and that your riding is enjoyable and not terrifying.

Basic Bike Maintenance

You can perform many basic repairs on your bike with a minimal amount of knowledge and tools you already have on hand. Plus, you can certainly keep your bike clean and lubricated.

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