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Kids' Bike Sizing Guide

What is the Right Size Bike for My Child?


Kids' Bike Sizing Guide
David Fiedler

Use the sizing chart below to figure out how kids' bikes are measured and defined, and to know best what you're looking for when shopping for a particular bike. An important thing to know is that kids' bikes are measured in wheel size (diameter). This is in contrast to adult bikes, whose measurements refer to frame size.

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Guide to Kid's Bike Sizes
AgeChild's HeightBike Wheel Size
Age 2 - 5 26 - 34 inches12 inches
Age 4 - 8 34 - 42 inches16 inches
Age 6 - 9 42 - 48 inches18 inches
Age 8 - 12 48 - 56 inches20 inches
Youth56 - 62 inches24 inches
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How to Size a Kid's Bike
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