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The Basics of Bike Riding

Bike riding is one of the simplest ways to have fun in a variety of settings. It is easily learned and not easily forgotten. But there are things to know that will help you, both in technique and equipment. Here in Bike Riding 101 you'll learn all about bikes and bike riding.
  1. Bike Safety (13)
  2. Bike Sizes Guide (7)
  3. Cool Weather Riding Tips (6)
  4. Cycling for Families (9)
  5. Glossary & Definitions (24)
  6. Here's how to . . . (6)

How to lubricate your bike - Where to oil your bike - What parts of your bike...
How to lubricate your bike - Where to oil your bike - What parts of your bike need lubrication

Bike Lubrication Tips - Share Your Tricks for Keeping Your Bike Lubricated...
Want to know where your bike should be lubricated, and the best way to go about it? Read tips and tricks here from experienced cyclists and share pointers of your own.

Caring for your Bike Clothes - How to Clean and Wash Your Cycling Jer…
Taking care of your bike clothes isn't particularly complicated, but you should pay attention to protect the investment that you have in them and to avoid potential problems with retained odors or damaging synthetic materials. Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning them effectively so that they smell better and last longer.

Caring for Your Bike Clothes
Taking care of your bike clothes isn't a particularly complicated proposition, but you should pay a bit of attention to protect the investment that you have in them and to avoid potential problems with retained odors or damaging synthetic materials. The following tips tell you how to clean them effectively so that they will smell better and wear longer over the long run.

Raders respond: Avoid bike shorts chafing and rash - how to avoid cha…
Chafing and rash caused by bike shorts is a common problem for cyclists. Read how other cyclists avoid rashes and chafing or share tips and strategies of your own.

Building up a Bike from Scratch vs Buying Complete
What's the best approach -- building up a bike yourself or buying a complete bike new. Read what approach others have taken and share your own.

Why Do Cyclists Shave Their Legs
Shaving leg hair is fairly common in the cycling world, both for professional riders and the more serious amateurs. There is no strong dictate to shave or not, and in all honesty, no compelling reason to do it other than personal preference and perhaps tradition. The decision to shave is a personal one. Here are some of the reasons riders given for shaving their legs.

Buy Bike Tires
Buying a bike tire shouldn't be too complicated. But there are lots of variables. Width, tread, diameter, material, etc., are all factors that affect performance and durability. Here's what you need to know when buying bikes tires.

Post-Ride Refuelling - Best Way to Refuel After a Ride

Q: I've read that we should be eating these fancy-schmancy energy bars to refuel after a ride. But they're expensive, and I'm wondering if they are really necessary.

A: Sure, a person can spend a bunch of money on energy bars and other high-tech nutritional products. But that’s not necessary for most of us regular Joe cyclists. Simple is best, and what your body most wa…

How to ride in hot weather - Cyclists share tips for beating the heat
How to ride in hot weather - Cyclists share their tips for beating the heat

Staying Cool in Hot Weather Riding
Hot weather can make normally pleasant rides more difficult, and really scorching weather can make you want to stay off the bike altogether. But that's not necessary when you use these simple ways to keep cool on your bike. You can beat the heat, stay safe, ride longer and still have fun.

Best Bike Paths
Your suggestions of the best bike paths to try out

Essential Bike Commuter Gear
Items that are essential for bike commuters to have

What are bike gloves for?
Have bike gloves ever really helped you? Talk about it here.

Getting Started in Biking
Getting Started in Biking - Thinking about taking up bicycling? Whether for fun, fitness or transportation, riding a bike is a great way to get around. Here are the basic things to think about if you're getting started in biking.

How to Shift - How to Change Gears on Your Bike
Want to know the basics of shifting from one gear to another when riding your bicycle? Here's how to change gears on your bike.

Bike Size - A Guide to Determining the Right Size Bike for You
Bike sizing can be tricky - here's how to figure out what size bicycle is best for your and how to make it fit you right

How to Avoid Chafing and Rash Caused by Your Bike Shorts
For cyclists, few things can ruin the ride quicker than developing a rash or chafing in those sensitive areas. Not only can it be painful during the ride, but the time it takes to heal can keep you off the bike for days. Here's how to avoid that painful chafing and rashes that can develop among cyclists.

Hybrid Bikes - All About Hybrid Bicycles
A hybrid bike combines the best features of both road bikes and mountain bikes to produce a bicycle that is both fast and sturdy. Here's more about hybrid bikes and what makes them unique.

What Kind of Bike Pedals Should You Use?
Bikes use several different types of pedals. This article tells you which is which and helps you answer the question: What kind of bike pedals should I use?

Five Things to Check Every Time You Ride
Uncover the five simple maintenance checks you should be doing to ensure your safety before you get on your bike.

Essential Bike Commuter Gear
Using your bike to commute to work or school is different than going out for a recreational ride. You need to absolutely get there on time. You have to be prepared for all types of weather and for riding in low-light conditions. Here are the items bike commuters need to make their ride safe and comfortable.

Selecting the Right Bike for You
Thinking about getting a bike? Look here first for an overview of the most common styles, and a guide to help you figure out which one will be right for you.

What is a Mountain Bike?
What is a mountain bike? Here's a description of what makes mountain bikes different, and what you want to look for when considering a mountain bike

All About Road Bikes
What is a road bike? This article will tell you all about road bicycles and what to look for in them.

Easy Riding on a Recumbent
Ever think about trying out a recumbent bike? Recumbent bikes are ones where the rider sits lower and behind the pedals, almost like what you'd get if you cross a chaise lounge with an exercise bike. Find out more here about why people ride recumbent bikes, and why they might be right for you.

Top 7 Essential Tools to Carry in your Saddlebag
When you're out on a bike, you should be as self-reliant as possible. Here are the seven items to carry with you that will help you fix the most common problems you'll encounter when you're riding. They will all fit in a little pack underneath your seat, and won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Features of a Great Bike Path
Great bike paths have certain distinct traits. Here's a list of five things to look for when considering where to ride.

Tennis Ball Grips Ease Numbness, Soreness
Do-It-Yourself Project shows how to install tennis ball grips on your bicycle to ease numbness and soreness issues in your hands and wrists.

Selecting the Right Bicycle for You
This guide describes the different types of bikes to help you determine which style is best suited to the type of riding you will be doing.

Dogs and Bikes
Dogs and Bikes - How to Respond When Man's Best Friend Isn't So Friendly

Route Mapping Programs
Want to know the five best programs for mapping your bike routes? This article reviews five of the most-widely used tools available and gives pros and cons of each.

Fixing A Flat
The first and most basic bicycle repair is how to fix a flat tire. Sooner or later, you will get a flat when out riding. It’s as certain as death and taxes. The directions in this article show you how to fix a flat and avoid a nice long walk back home.

Mountain Bikes - Do I Need Shocks and Suspension on My Mountain Bike
Do you need shocks on your mountain bike? Find out here about soft tails and hard tails and what is right for you.

What to Expect in Downhill Mountain Biking
So you're thinking about downhill mountain biking? Here's a look at what to expect. Ride the ski lift up with your bike. Shred back down the mountain. Repeat over and over, all day.

What's What On Your Bike - An Illustrated Guide to the Parts of a Bike
Here's a nifty illustration that shows the proper name for all the parts of your bicycle.

Proper Position for Your Bike Seat
Setting proper bike seat position is one of the most important parts of configuring a bike. The right seat position help keep your joints healthy, give you better endurance and more comfort when riding. In this article by About.com's Guide to Mountain Biking, you can learn how to determine what the right position and seat setting is for you.

Proper Bike Fit to Avoid Pain and Injury
Tips and tricks to reducing pain and making sure your bicycle fits you well.

Getting Started with Bike Commuting
If you're thinking about bike commuting, this great guide will tell you about the gear you'll need for you and your bike, how to ride safely and plan your route and how to clean up at your destination.

Bicycle Commuting Excuse Busters
It's easier than you think to commute on a bike. To prove it, here are comebacks for the top 5 excuses given for not biking to work.

Bicycling Glossary
Ever heard a word or phrase and didn't know what it meant? This complete glossary of bicycling words and phrases will give you the definitions to literally hundreds of terms you may encounter when talking about bikes.

Choosing a Good Touring Bike
Looking to buy a touring bike? Here's a guide to the most important components of a touring bike, as well as some frame design factors that people commonly overlook.

How to Shave Your Legs
Never shaved your legs before? This step-by-step guide with photos will give you the help you need.

Spinning vs. Mashing: What kind of pedaler are you?
Spinning vs. Mashing: What kind of pedaler are you?

Readers Answer: Finding a Great Deal on a Kid's Bike
Readers Answer: Hear from others on how they found a great deal on a kid's bike

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