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Reviewed: Bumper Issue Hydration Pack by Crumpler

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Bumper Issue Hydration Pack by Crumper

The Bottom Line

In a world of hydration packs that seem to be either black, gray or some other dull color, Bumper Issue hydration packs are a breath of fresh air. With color combinations that include bright blue/green matching or a frenetic red/yellow/rotten orange pairing, these packs are funky and fun.

And when you add the Bumper Issue's solid, comfortable construction, coupled with a smart, well-organized design that has lots of pockets, big and little and all readily accessible, the Bumper Issue hydration pack comes recommended at a list retail of $95.

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  • Funky, non-traditional colors to liven your ride
  • Smartly designed pockets on the outside hold accessories handy
  • Roomy interior compartments keep your stuff organized
  • Comfortable fit with wide mesh straps


  • Chest straps can be snug depending on your sizing
  • Instructions on reservoir and mouthpiece use are lacking


  • Weight: 1 lb, 13 oz, including reservoir
  • Reservoir capacity: 70 oz.
  • Pack Capacity: 440 cubic inches
  • Construction: water-resistant 600D material with ripstop lining.
  • 2 reflective "eyes" on front clip & 4 reflective side clips
  • Emergency whistle housed in adjustable chest strap

Guide Review - Reviewed: Bumper Issue Hydration Pack by Crumpler

Most hydration packs look like they were designed by people with no fashion sense or imagination. I mean, I'm all for function and utility, but sometimes it's nice to have some fun. That's what Crumpler has done with their Bumper Issue hydration packs.

These colorful packs stand out from the boring others that line the racks, but fortunately the lively palatte is not the only thing these bags offer. With a roomy interior that is smartly divided into a main pocket to hold the 70-oz reservoir and a couple of other large pockets sizable enough to hold plenty of your other stuff, whether that's a rain jacket, your tools or just a big lunch, you'll appreciate the payload this bag carries. The exterior pockets are handily placed and easily accessible for the kinds of items you want more readily available.

A plug for this pack is the way the pockets stay secured. Riding on a sloppy day, I wiped a couple of times on my mountain bike but still had no troubles with tools, wallet, etc., anything else in either the main pockets (secured by a cover flap) or the outside pockets coming out. That's huge given the problems that could be caused by losing one of this important things on a long ride.

The fit of the Bumper Issue is comfortable enough though it may sit more snugly against some rider's backs than would be preferred. The wide mesh straps are comfortable, though the front chest straps that hold the pack on are maybe a touch too snug, depending on your sizing.

The only other knock that I had against the Bumper Issue was a lack of instructions on how to fill the reservior and use the mouthpiece. Though it may be intuitive for some, and unnecessary for those riders who have used hydration packs before, at least some sort of instructions on how to fill the reservior and use the mouthpiece to drink would be helpful for first-time users.

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