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Cycle Your Way to a Better Body

Bicycling is one of the best overall workouts for burning calories and developing a lean and muscular body. Find out more in this series of articles about how to combine your cycing with healthy eating to maximize the benefits to your body. Nutrition tips, guidance on diets and weight loss and more are right here for you.

Basic Nutrition for Better Bike Riding
Riding a bike means you should eat differently than if you were just sitting on the couch. Find out about the nutrition you need to keep going on those longer rides

Contributor profile for Tera Liescheidt, Registered Dietician
Contributor profile for Tera Liescheidt, Registered Dietician

Bicycling for Weight Loss
So, you’re thinking that it’s time to lose a few pounds. How about dusting off that bike in the garage and taking it out for a spin? Bicycling is ideal for weight loss because it burns a lot of calories.

Whole Foods for Weight Loss
Whole foods are ideal for weight loss. Learn how eating whole foods can help you lose weight.

Eliminate Roadblocks to Weight Loss
No matter how good our intentions, there are some common pitfalls that can sink our journey to weightloss. Here's how to eliminate those dietary dangers to help you lose weight as you cycle your way to create a leaner body.

Cycle Your Way to a Better Body
Bicycling is a great way to make yourself look and feel better. Learn how riding your bike can help you lose weight, build muscle mass, and help your posture and stamina.

Recipes from Racing Weight Cookbook

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