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Bicycle Maintenance And Repair

These pages give you the skinny on basic fixes you need to know to keep your bike running smooth. From routine maintenance to replacing and maintaining components, this should be your first stop when thinking about the various ways you can show a little TLC to your bike.
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How to Sell Bikes or Bike Parts on the Internet - Tips for Getting Top Dollar
Have old bike parts sitting around? Turn them into cash with this smart guide to selling bike parts on the internet.

How to lubricate your bike - Where to oil your bike - What parts of your bike...
How to lubricate your bike - Where to oil your bike - What parts of your bike need lubrication

Bike Lubrication Tips - Share Your Tricks for Keeping Your Bike Lubricated...
Want to know where your bike should be lubricated, and the best way to go about it? Read tips and tricks here from experienced cyclists and share pointers of your own.

What is a Bike Chain Master Link - and What Does It Do?
What is a master link for a bike chain? Do all bike chains have them? Find out this and more in this definition of a master link.

Use CO2 Cartridges
CO2 cartridges - what are CO2 cartridges and inflators and why would I want to use them

Things You Need on a Bike Ride
Things You Need on a Bike Ride

Winterize Your Bike

When putting up your bike for the winter, there are several things you want to do to store it properly. This helps avoid deterioration from disuse and also ensures that it will be ready to ride when you are when it’s time to take it out next spring.

Check Tightness on the Screws in Your Bike Shoes
The next time you put on your bike shoes, take just a minute to check the tightness of the screws in your cleats. They can very easily work loose over time, and this article tells how and why to tighten them.

Hidden Hazard: How a Bike Seat Bag Can Ruin Your Shorts
There's one spot on your bike that many cyclists overlook as a potential place that can rub and damage your bike shorts. Find out here where that is and how to avoid damaging expensive bike clothes.

How to Repair a Sidewall Gash in a Bike Tire
Got a gash in the sidewall of your tire? Here's how to repair it and save yourself money. Extend the life of your tire and not have to buy a new one.

Installation Instructions - Axiom Paceline Deluxe Reflex Bike Fenders
Installation Instructions - Axiom Paceline Deluxe Reflex Bike Fenders

Eliminate High-Pitched Squeaking - Lubricating Derailleur Pulleys
If you're hearing a high-pitched squeak as you go down the road, a noise that sounds like mouse or bird chirping, chances are your derailleur pulleys need a bit of lubrication. Here's how to do it.

Four Easy Bike Tune-Up Tricks
Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest effect. Here are easy things you can do to tune-up your bike and improve performance - all without advanced knowledge or complicated tools.

Five Things to Check Every Time You Ride
Uncover the five simple maintenance checks you should be doing to ensure your safety before you get on your bike.

Install Clipless Pedals
Instructions on How to Install Clipless Pedals on a Bicycle -- Step-by-Step with Photos

What Kind of Bike Pedals Should You Use?
Bikes use several different types of pedals. This article tells you which is which and helps you answer the question: What kind of bike pedals should I use?

Old Raleigh 12-speed, Tranform into a Single-Speed Commuter Bike
Here's a photo gallery of a before and after shots of a conversion project that transformed an old Raleigh 12-speed into a single speed commuter bike.

SRAM Force Brakes Recalled
SRAM Force Bicycle Brakes Recalled by Consumer Product Safety Commission

Simple Steps Add Up: Make Maintenance Convenient and Easy
Simple steps add up - how to make maintenance convenient and easy. A quick guide to the supplies you need and the things you can do after each ride to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

Bicycle Maintenance Schedule
Regular maintenance is important for your bike to perform reliably and efficiently. The following list of maintenance tasks and their recommended frequency will give a recreational cyclist or commuter an outline for a schedule. Remember, take care of your bike, and it'll take care of you!

Solving Bike Handlebar Issues With An Adjustable Stem
Handlebars too low? Too far out in front of you? Using an adjustable stem could be the answer to solving a couple different problem fit areas on your bike.

What's What On Your Bike - An Illustrated Guide to the Parts of a Bike
Here's a nifty illustration that shows the proper name for all the parts of your bicycle.

Adjusting Your Derailleur
If you have problems with your chain not moving smoothly when you shift gears on your bike, you may need to adjust your derailleur, the device that controls that action. Tinkering with your derailleur is not particularly complicated, and this article gives some great step-by-step direction to diagnosing and fixing common problems.

Bike Tune-Up
Getting out the bike after a long lay-off? Here's a list of things to check before you ride, with many basic repairs that can be done by a novice with no special tools needed.

Bicycling Glossary
Ever heard a word or phrase and didn't know what it meant? This complete glossary of bicycling words and phrases will give you the definitions to literally hundreds of terms you may encounter when talking about bikes.

Make Yourself a Foldable Spare Tire
Wouldn't it be great to be able to carry a spare tire? Check out this video that shows you a nifty trick: how to fold a regular bike tire (without kinking it!) into a third of its normal size, small enough to fit into a handlebar bag.

How to Work With a Bike Shop
Bike shops can be the best place in the world for cyclists. It's somewhere to pass the hours happily talking with the staff about this new bike or that, or a magical spot to bring your broken-down baby so that some wizard at the workstand can make it whole again. Or they can be unpleasant and intimidating, filled with expensive, space-age gear with astronomical price tags and employees who disda…

Most Memorable Experience With a Bike Shop
If you've ever been in a bike shop, chances are you've had some memorable experience. Perhaps a staff person went out of their way to help you, or gave you some awesome advice. Share that story here, or read what others have to say.

Cleaning Your Bike Chain - Quick and Easy Approach
Cleaning your bike chain is critical to improving its performance. Want to know a quick and easy way to clean your bike chain? Here's the way to clean your bike chain in five minutes or less.

Chain cleaning tips - share your story and learn from others.
Chain cleaning tips - here's where you can share your story of good ways to clean your bike chain and hear effective techniques that others do to clean their bike chain.

Memorable Repairs - Quick Fixes That Got You Home
Memorable Repairs - Quick Fixes That Got You Home

How a Quick Connector Link Saved My Life!
Has a removable master link on your bike chain ever saved you from a messy situation? This is your chance to share your story with others or to hear from your fellow cyclists just why that itty-bitty connector link might be the most awesome part of the whole bike.

Selling Your Used Bike Parts - Your Secrets to Success for Selling Bike Parts
Have old bike parts sitting around? Hear how others have had success turning them into cash by selling them on the internet.

Check Your Bike Shoe Cleat Bolts Twice a Year
Simple maintenance on your bike shoes -- five minutes once or twice a year -- can help you avoid bigger problems.

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