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Gear and Accessories For Your Bike


There is a world of equipment and accessories out there to sort through for you and your bicycle. Learn more here about the gear that you need, and clothing and accessories that will make your bike riding fun and enjoyable.
  1. Bicycle Clothes and Gear
  2. Parts and Accessories for your Bike
  3. Things You Need When You Ride

Bicycle Clothes and Gear

Louis Garneau Women's Gel Glove

You don't necessarily need special clothes to ride a bike. But having the right attire can make the ride more fun and comfortable. Learn more here about what to look for in different pieces of cycling wear, as well as reviews of the best and most popular products.

Parts and Accessories for your Bike

Brooks Sprinter Saddle.

There are lots of things you can put on your bike to make it better. Things to make it faster, safer, more comfortable and more useful. Learn more here about parts and accessories for your bike.

Things You Need When You Ride

A typical bike tire patch kit with sandpaper, rubber cement and an assortment of patches.

You don't want to carry the whole house around with you when you're out on your bike, that's for sure. Being on a bike is about being easy and free. But there are a few essential items that you want to have with you to make your riding safe, comfortable and self-sufficient.

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