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Best Gifts Under $25

For That Special Cycling Someone in Your Life


11. Bicycle Holiday Greeting Cards

Christmas Tree Bicycle Greeting Card
(c) Skeese Greets
These holiday greeting cards will be a hit for you to give (or send yourself!) to all your cycling friends. With chain links and sprockets cleverly incorporated into each design, no one who gets these cards will miss the happy holidays/happy pedaling message. 10 cards/envelopes for $13.95. From Skeese Greets in Austin, Texas.

12. Finish Line Bike Wash

Bikes get grimy when you ride them. That's why Finish Line Bike Wash will be a hit with the cyclist in your life. Featuring a safe, effective cleansing agent that works with or without water, Finish Line Bike Wash gets the grime off the bike quickly and effectively, without having to blast it with a power sprayer. Around $10 plus any applicable tax and shipping for a 1 liter bottle.
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13. GU Energy Gel 6 pack

6-pack of GU energy gel
With this six-pack of GU Energy Gels, your favorite cyclist will never be left alongside the road on a long ride, broken down from lack of energy. GU offers an optimal balance of maltodextrin and fructose to deliver a quick blood sugar rise, and then maintains that glucose level for up to 45 minutes. GU keeps your mind alert and active, and your muscles going strong during your regular workouts. Flavors include Chocolate Outrage, Espresso Love and others. Or try the special holiday six-pack of mint chocolate GU. $6.99 on Amazon.com
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14. Bike Earrings

People will hear you loud and clear on your love for cycling with these bicycle earrings. With a variety of dangling or stud earrings, and choices of tandem, ten-speed or regular bikes, you'll be able to find the one that goes with your riding. $9.95-$15.95.
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