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Review of the Slime Flat Resistant Tubes

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User Rating 2 Star Rating (3 Reviews)


Slime puncture resistant tube in box

The Bottom Line

Slime's self-sealing flat resistant tubes will help you have fewer flats. Period. And that's worth a lot when you are relying on your bike for transportation to work or school or wherever, or are just out on a ride and don't want to get stuck 20 miles from home. Weight weenies who are concerned about how they can shave three grams here or five grams there might be concerned about the extra weight of the sealant, but the normal rider will not notice any difference and even if they did, it is certainly worth the peace of mind.
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  • Fewer Flats!


  • A Bit More Weight on your Rims


  • Available in just about every tire size, with both schrader and presta valves.
  • Sealant good for two years guaranteed
  • Seeks out and repairs punctures and cuts up to 1/4 inch
  • Sealant is non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable

Guide Review - Review of the Slime Flat Resistant Tubes

Slime self-sealing flat resisant tubes are regular butyl rubber tubes filled with "Slime" sealant, which is a bright green liquid with tiny fibers and rubber particles suspended it to to act as a clotting agent. During everyday use the sealant stays liquid inside your tube, evenly distributed around the inside as the wheel spins.

When a puncture occurs, the sealant seeps into any small holes, pushed there by the escaping air. The Slime sealant then quickly seals the hole, clogging it with the clotting agent to prevent further loss of pressure, even as you're riding. You often won't even know you had a flat.

If you ride in an area where the roads have with glass shards, wire, or small thorns these tubes are nice and will save you headaches with changing tires, walking alongside the road pushing your bike, etc.

Though it can be used to patch existing flats, Slime is not intended for use in tubes losing pressure from sidewall punctures, bead leaks, damaged rims or faulty valves. Not recommended for use in tubeless tires.

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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Expensive mistake., Member permanentwar87

I take my mountain bike trail riding frequently and sometimes street riding. I popped my front tire taking my bike of the beaten path and hit some thorn bushes so I decided to buy a slime inner tube instead just in case I run into the same issue. Later that month I took my bike out to a cabin and rode it on some trails and hardtop with 3 other bikers. I'm the only one that came up with a flat tire. I refilled my tire with air and it held up for my next ride. I came outside the next day to ride it and sure enough it was flat again. Waste of money and effort, I'll just buy some patches.

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