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Review of the Cat Eye Strada Cyclocomputer

A quality bike computer at a great price.

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (2 Reviews)


Cat Eye Strada Cyclocomputer

Cat Eye Strada Cyclocomputer

(c) Cat Eye Corporation

I had the chance to check out Cat Eye’s Strada Cyclocomputer (CC RD-100) recently and found that it has a lot to like.

The Strada hits the right balance of quality design and construction, ease of use and a very reasonable price.

Strada Sidesteps Common Problems

There are a couple of problems with many entry level cyclocomputers that the Strada sidesteps nicely. Cheaper models will have LED screens that tend to turn black given warm temps and/or bright sunlight. This does not happen with the Strada. Also, the challenge that designers face with putting together a cyclocomputer is how to allow a cyclist to control all functions with one finger while zipping down the road. Rather than the usual answer --install a couple of smallish buttons that are sometimes difficult to manipulate – Cat Eye’s answer to this in the Strada is to the make the entire face “clickable” on this device. Pressing on the screen cycles the Strada through its eight functions.

These functions are:

  • Current speed
  • Average speed
  • Odometer
  • Maximum speed
  • Trip Distance 1
  • Trip Distance 2
  • Elapsed Time
  • Clock

Well Built, Well Designed

CatEye logo(c) CatEye, Inc.

Another common problem in entry-level cyclocomputers is that poor design and/or construction creates a situation where it is easy for the wire connecting the display from the sensor to get yanked out of one end or the other, effectively wrecking the whole device. Cat Eye’s designers did a good job with this wiring, routing and securing it so that it will not easily be pulled loose.

There are no negatives to point out about the basic Strada model. The screen is nice and big, allowing easy-to-read information on the display. Installation was easy and quick, and the sensor on the spoke attaches well and doesn’t seem prone to moving. The basic Strada doesn’t have a cadence feature and is not wireless, but those features are available on the higher level Strada models, called fittingly enough, the Strada Cadence (CC RD-200) and Strada Wireless (RD-300W). The Strada is a basic, well-built cyclocomputer, ideal for cyclists who want a quality device to give them the most useful pieces of information about their ride, but don’t need to drop a big pile of dough in the process.

Specs and Features


  • ClickTec® button interface
  • Programmable Odometer
  • Auto start/stop
  • Auto power-saving mode
  • Pace arrow
  • Universal speed sensor and magnet
  • Dual tire size
  • Measurements in kilometers or miles
  • Flex-Tight universal mounting bracket


  • Handlebar or stem size: 22-31.8mm
  • Fork mount size: 11-55mm
  • Battery: CR1620
User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Unreliable, Member loftyleigh

I haveused many cateye products icluding lighting systems and cycle computers and found them to consistently do exactly what they claim. Recently I decided to have all my bikes use the same type of computer. I brought three strada cadence units. Within weeks the cadance sensor cable broke on one. Soon after I found a second stopped working because of corrosion of the contacts. The third now stops working because it is loose . I jiggle it and it works again but hard won ks aren't recorded. I can""t believe cateye have released such a rubbish design. I realy can't believe I have three of these pieces of rubbish.

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