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What Bike Gloves Are For


Bike Gloves

Bike Gloves

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4. Warmth

Another reason many cyclists wear bike gloves is to keep their hands warm. (Bike gloves are still gloves, after all!) For cool weather riding, glove choices can range from regular bike gloves that just help break the wind, to glove liners that help add layers. For extremely cold weather riding are products like thick “lobster claw” gloves or Moose Mitts, which are thick, well-insulated mittens that attach to the handlebars of your bike and cover your regular biking gloves. This type of gear allows you to still grip the handlebars and work the brakes and gear shifters like normal.

5. Protection in Case of a Crash

What do most people do as they start to fall? They put their hands out to try and catch themselves, to break their impact as they hit the ground. If you’ve ever fallen like this, you know that you can really tear up your palms when they go skidding across pavement or rocks. A pair of bike gloves can give you the protection you need to save your hands and keep the gravel and grit out of your hands and on the street where it belongs. They may be completely shredded when you take stock of things after the wreck, but tearing up a pair of gloves is a whole lot better than wrecking your hands.

Granted, this is a secondary benefit of wearing bike gloves, but still a very important one. Think about it this way: if you knew you were going to wipe out, would you rather be wearing gloves or not have them on?

6. Wiping Your Nose

It mainly happens when you ride in colder temps. My buddy calls 'em "snot rockets." You know what it is: you're on your bike and your nose starts running. So what do you do? Most of us don't keep a hankie handy to pull out for a delicate toot. You wipe your nose on the back of your thumb, that's what you do. And glove makers have taken this into account.

If you notice, many pairs of bike gloves have a fleece lining on the back of the thumb. That's exactly what this is piece of material is for. One hand off the handle bar, one second, one wipe. Problem solved.


On top of all these other features, wearing a pair of snazzy bike gloves can make you look and feel cool. It’s like being a kid and getting a new pair of sneakers: instantly you feel like you can run a lot faster. And there is nothing wrong with buying a pair of bike gloves for this reason alone. Image is everything, right?

So, if you've never ridden with a pair of bike gloves, give 'em a try. There are lots of things that can do to help your riding. And at the least, you'll find yourself (like the kid with the new shoes), riding twice as fast as before you had gloves. At the very least, you'll be so cool, it'll feel like you are!

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