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What is a Ghost Bike?


What is a Ghost Bike?
Yodster/Eugene Dimarsky - Flickr

A "ghost bike" is a tribute or memorial to a cyclist who has been killed by a car while riding. A ghost bike is typically a derelict bike that has been painted white and placed at or near the scene of the accident. Signs may be placed with the bike that say "Cyclist struck here" and/or contain information about the individual who was killed.

A ghost bike is intended to commemorate the life of the individual killed while riding and to serve as a reminder to those passing the site of the need to drive carefully and watch out for cyclists.

Patrick Van Der Tuin of St. Louis, Missouri, is generally regarded as having originated the idea to place ghost bikes to mark the location where cyclists had been hit by cars. After a friend was struck by a car while riding, in October 2003 Van Der Tuin placing bikes there and at fifteen other sites around St. Louis where cyclists had been struck.

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