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David Fiedler

David Fiedler

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Thanks for checking out Bicycling on About.com. The site is edited by David Fiedler, who is an experienced cyclist, an award-winning writer and a year-round bike commuter.

If you'd like to send Dave a message, feel free to reach out to him at bicycling@aboutguide.com. He gets a lot of email but will try to reply promptly if possible.


David has written professionally about bicycling and other topics for more than a decade with hundreds of articles and four books to his credit. He has worked as a correspondent for the Associated Press, and his writing has been carried by the New York Times Syndicate and the Wall Street Journal Online. His most recent book is Ride Fit, a basic guide to fun and fitness on a bike published by Barron's Educational Press.

On the bike, Dave's dual-threat combination of being both big and slow produced a scorching lack of success in his short-lived racing career, but remarkably he is tied with Lance Armstrong for number of times winning the Tour de France.

Dave is a member of the Missouri Bike Federation and has organized group rides and multi-day bike tours. He is the designer of the Highway 36 Bike Route across northern Missouri that follows the "Way of American Genius" and takes cyclists past the hometowns of Mark Twain, Walt Disney, JC Penney and the Pony Express.

By David Fiedler:

I love bicycles. It is how I define myself. I ride for fun but also commute year-round to the office. I love bike racing, and my dream vacation is a cross-country bike tour.

As the About.com guide to Bicycling, I have a great opportunity to share my passion with others who love bikes as well as to help those who may be new to cycling. I hope you'll take the opportunity to drop me a note and tell me what you think, and if there is anything you'd like to see covered not already on the site.

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