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David Fiedler

Survival Straps - Worth Carrying on a Long Ride?

By February 21, 2013

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survival straps wristbandOne of the things we've talked about in past posts are improvised repairs for your bike while out on the road.  Additionally, we've discussed what to take with you when you ride to help address the most common fix-it situations you'll encounter.

Recently I came across another piece of gear worth considering for cyclists, the Survival Straps wrist band, which is essentially a tightly wound length (approx 10 feet) of military spec paracord that goes on your wrist like a bracelet.  I'd seen them worn as a fashion statement, but in the right situation it gets unwound to bail you out of whatever situation you're in.

Seems like it could be handy for any number of bike repairs (think of lashing on a pannier with a broken bracket; tying a broken spoke to another; even serving as a temporary link in a broken chain). Plus the company promises that if you do use it in an emergency situation, they'll send you a new one, free of charge.  And that kind of deal almost makes one hope for a mishap, ha ha.

If you're interested, check out the company's website here.

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