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David Fiedler

No More Dead Batteries on Long Bike Rides

By September 30, 2012

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Revive Restore Solar Charger Battery XL for smartphonesOne of the challenges of any long-distance bike ride (beyond the actual pedaling, of course) is in keeping your phone charged. Most cyclists enjoy using GPS  apps to track their route and ride stats; however, that drains the battery pretty quick. In fact, while battery life on my iPhone is twelve hours for a normal day, it's three hours or less when on a ride using GPS or with a mapping app turned on. That's a bummer given that you probably have both the desire to track a long ride like a century route (100 miles), but still be certain that you have enough battery to be able to make a call home in case of emergency or just to update the family on what time you'll be back.

That's why I was so interested to learn about solar-powered battery chargers and their capacity to solve this problem. A reader and touring cyclist who has used this type of gadget on his own rides suggested I check this out. What follows is a review of one of the more capable devices on the market, the Revive Solar ReStore XL + solar charger.

Review: Revive Solar Restore XL+ Solar Charger

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October 11, 2012 at 7:46 pm
(1) JAT says:

this has been an on going search for a very long time…
how to deal with recharging batteries for my helmet light, gps, small am/fm/sw radio(c crane), camera and my cell phone…
i came so close so many times buying into what was on the open market…
size and weight has been an important issue for bike travel…
but with further reading on such solar charging products …
i kept discovering that the solar charging market in technology was not up to snuff…what i discovered all the solar chargers on the market were a waste of my money…
until i discovered this past summer…
this solar charger will charge my AA & AAA batteries and my cell phone…
you need to check out “Goal Zero Guide 10 Nomad”…
goog luck

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