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Readers Respond: Bib Shorts vs. Regular Shorts: Which are More Comfortable for Riding?

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From the article: Bike Shorts Reviews
Some cyclists swear that bib shorts, which have shoulder straps like overalls, are more comfortable than regular shorts. Others riders don't like to feel confined, and prefer the plain and simple cycling shorts, which don't go any higher than your waist. Still others wear full tights, or baggy mountain bike shorts, or even knickers. In which group are you? Which Shorts are Best?

Bibs without question

The extra price is more than worth the comfort. As far as brands go, you generally get what you pay for. They all have slight differences, and Endura is one of my favorites, but whether its Endura or Mavic or Castelli or Louis Garneau or any of the other major names, you'll do fine.

Best bibs

What are the best bibs for the money and which ones run like American sizes
—Guest Keith Pennington

Bib Shorts vs. Regular Shorts

Bibs are the way to go very comfortable.. I am 6ft 8in tall and been cycling for over 38 years.. I still have a couple pair of regular shorts. But bibs are the only why to go.. Also if you are a tall, Big, or short or a normal sized rider Boure cycling is the place to shop All there stuff is made here in the USA and very top of the line and very comfortable..

Bib's for me

Have both but bibs are certainly more comfortable, a little hotter but that is not a huge issue.
—Guest Steve M

DirtBaggies mountain bike bibs

Bibs are the definitely best. DirtBaggies have now brought the comfort of bib shorts together with baggy short style and durability for mountain biking. Kevin, they even have an opening in the front so you can answer natures call without needing to get undressed.
—Guest tim

Bibs are the Best

I just bought a Team Liquigas kit two months ago and the bibs that came with it are the best shorts ever. If you are going to spend time on the bike then bibs are the only way to go. If you are going to ride only occasionally then just a regular pair of shorts is what you want.
—Guest Dmlipps


Since I started doing long distance cycling a lot, I invested in both shorts and a pair of bib shorts. Bibs are better -- more comfortable -- but not flattering with a bit of weight. If you cover up with a jacket they look okay. They are great in cold weather also.
—Guest Greybiker

Remove Your Jersey for Nature's Call

On a remote mountain bike trail (or wherever) if I wear my bib bike shorts, then I'll need to take my jersey off in order to pee. Can't say I like the thought of being discovered in the all-together by some stranger. I bike on remote trails, still it's just a matter of time.
—Guest Kevin


I'm 6 ft and weight 155lbs, so no pot belly. Bibs are the best. Once you wear them you don' t notice the shoulder straps and the comfort makes you give up on shorts. As with shorts, the chamois makes or breaks the pant. Don't go cheap unless you are an iron butt. Specialized bibs get my vote for the best.
—Guest tim

Which Shorts are Best?

Bib Shorts vs. Regular Shorts: Which are More Comfortable for Riding?

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