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Readers Respond: Best Ways to Be Seen on the Road

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If you look at the statistics about when bicycle/vehicle collisions occur, anywhere from 40%-60% of injuries and fatalities happen during the hours of darkness, despite the fact that a much smaller percentage of cycling actually takes place then. For riding at night, it is incredibly important that you are visible to other users on the road. Here are tips for increasing your visibility through lighting and reflective wear when you're riding your bike at night. Share Your Tips

Why no battery with dynamo?

I question your advice to "consider getting a headlight paired with a dynamo ... you never have to worry about batteries...." Dynamos have been around for decades, formerly powering incandescent bulbs. I removed mine partly due to the drag, but largely because my light turned off when I stopped, which I saw as a treacherous flaw. The dynamo should power rechargeable batteries, which power the lamp. I tried rigging rechargeable batteries into my circuit, but I'm no engineer. But having the light go out at stops, or even dim when the wheel turns slowly, still seems dangerous. The only way I know to keep the light from going out when stopped is a rechargeable or maybe some kind of capacitor. Or do modern dynamo-powered lights not go out completely without batteries?
—Guest damead

Bike Glow

This company makes a flexible light tube so you have 360 degrees of visibility in an array of colors. their website is bikeglow.com.

Best Ways To Be Seen On The Road

I ride in the dark every morning and use all of the suggestions. In addition, I use tires with reflective sidewalls which light up my bike like a Christmas tree from the side.
—Guest Hofaman

Be Seen

I clipped a blinking light on the harness on the back of my helmets. I don't notice it when I ride and it's very visible to people approaching from behind.

Reflective Tape

Reflective tape on your helmet and valve stem lights. This may seem self evident but most seem to jump to tail and head lights. These help forward and aft but does little to help visibility from the side; where so many accidents originate.
—Guest Marvolus

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Best Ways to Be Seen on the Road

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