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Readers Respond: Important Items to Have on a Bike Ride

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In addition to the lucky seven items you should always have with you on a bike ride (spare tube, tire levers, patch kit, pump/CO2, ID card, multi-tool and cell phone), there are lots of strange and wonderful things that people carry along with them that to make their bike rides safer, more comfortable or more convenient. Share what you carry to make your ride easier, safer, or more care-free. Share What You Carry

What I must bring on a long cycling trip

I always bring at least two tubular tyres and tyre tape for quick changes. Also my Svea 123 stove plus my trusty Sigg Tourist cook set. I never leave home without my Bialetta mocha pot for a roadside espresso or latte. I travel from hostel to hostel, so I can travel light without lugging camping gear. I may take a bivvy sack with me next time in case I get stuck somewhere I can't find lodging. I only have a rear pair of panniers so far, but, I may eventually but panniers and a rack for the front wheels. My next trip is across France along the northern coast from Cherbourg past Dunkerque and into Belgium and then going north to the Netherlands. Trip to start last week in March.
—Guest Road burner

Not much..

All I take is my phone, water, money, and a small first aid kit. :)
—Guest Casey

probably carry too much

Spare tire Tire irons Tire bead setting tool multi bike tool patch kit 3 co2 cartridges and canister cell phone which has all my medical information also on it wallet
—Guest dan

For a 2 day ride (Leeds Liverpool Canal)

Drawstring Bag: o Boxers for Fri o Socks for Fri o Pumps for Fri o Trousers for Fri o Mini toothpaste o Mini shampoo o Mini gel o Cable ties (tie bag to frame?) Saddle Bag o Inner Tubes x2 o Toolkit o Puncture Pads o Electrician Tape Bum Bag o Paracetamol o Ibraprufoen o Energy Tablets o Boiled sweets o Money o Bank Card o Spare Battery o Lock Key o Earphones o Schedule On Bike o Water Bottles x2 o Phone o Wind Charger o Lock On Person o Buff o Glasses o Gloves
—Guest Matty

Best stuff to bring on a bike ride

A 20 oz water bottle, spare inner tubes, Allen wrench, tire repair kit, a helmet, a 3 step ladder, the Satanic bible, 3 bite size fetuses, a large battle axe, a bucket of battery acid, and a cellular phone with GPS
—Guest Steve

Things I Always Carry

I carry 2 decent Allen keys, night glasses, pump or co2, knee pad, elbow pad, helmet, mini tool, kit box and light-coloured clothes if I'm riding at night.
—Guest Mahadev MGB

Shtuff I bring

I bring a pump, tube, food, 2l of water, tyre levers, multi tool, glasses and a couple of decent allen keys. Having a huge set iof mud tyres 1/10 times I dont get a puncture.
—Guest Anthem


A blade, half a litre of vodka, a phone + taxi number, tools, pepper spray, a 20 bag and a blanket with corned beef sandwiches and an apple !
—Guest Billy

things i take biking

I never ride on my own, I ride with friends. I take 2x 500ml bottles of water, £5, mobile phone, mini tool kit, small amount of food, lock, plasters, tissues, puncture repair kit,gloves and spare gloves, spare socks (incase of riding through puddle, hate riding with cold hands/feet), lights and spare lights, spare batteries, and camera. Also spare cash incase i forget my wallet. My lock fits around at least 3 bikes, and friends take pumps, so we use each other's stuff :) Of course, also wear helmet all the time.
—Guest diggy456

A source of time

Take a good source of time (wouldn't recomend carrying an alarm clock) just so maybe you could estimate how long it will take you to get back and set a time for the return journey
—Guest Jack

What I carry on a trip

When I head out I carry a 20oz bottle of water, a couple 24-inch tubes, tools & air pump, my lock, and lights for use in case it gets dark along with an orange vest and cell phone. Of course I always bring along my helmet.
—Guest Lisa

Don't need much

I normally just bring water and an allen key and wrench to fix on the go
—Guest Mike

key things

Essential items I would take is spray-on plaster , 3 in 1 mini bodywash , shampoo and facewash , and for the water bottle BCAA s drink mix like Scivation 'extend' for endurance and recovery the next day.
—Guest darcy b

my cycling stuff

1.5L water in camelbak; front & rear lights; reflective vest at nighttime; identification; credit card; small cloth towel; a few paper towels; uv semi-clear glasses (protect eyes, especially at night from flying bugs); cycling computer; car & home key on lanyard; nourishment if riding over 1.5 hrs; glucose tablets; mini multi tool; spare tube; tire patches; tire levers; cellphone w/gps; mini firstaid kit; tirepump (also serves as defense weapon)...that's about it. Enjoy! CHEERS!

Santa Monica

I usually bring a long two spare tubes, patch kit, co2 pump, wallet, cellphone with gps, spare thin wind jacket, cotton scarf for multiple uses, such as wind/dust guard for face, sweat rag, or for when it gets a bit cold. a few tools to remove tires, water, food extra cash and id. I also bring ointments and first aid in case me or my riding bud have a crash. I always have spare batteries for lights and bike locks. and will bring pepperspray or some kind of defense item in the case of robbery or animal attack.
—Guest Kevin

Share What You Carry

Important Items to Have on a Bike Ride

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