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Readers Respond: Important Items to Have on a Bike Ride

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In addition to the lucky seven items you should always have with you on a bike ride (spare tube, tire levers, patch kit, pump/CO2, ID card, multi-tool and cell phone), there are lots of strange and wonderful things that people carry along with them that to make their bike rides safer, more comfortable or more convenient. Share what you carry to make your ride easier, safer, or more care-free.


I bring my bike and house key and my phone and my wallet.
—Guest dont need much

Road Id

Purchasing Road ID that puts all important information about yourself on your wrist. This is very helpful wrist band especially if you're knocked out. This happened to me while riding and the paramedics knew who to get a hold of, meds I'm on and even basics like my name and the year I was born.
—Guest Ron Mollinga

What you should bring on a ride.

I bring my ID, an extra 2-3 bottles of water in my backpack, as well as snacks for energy. I also bring my combo bike tool, tire/tube repair kit, and perhaps an extra pair of socks for puddles. I keep my light and computer on the bike. GPS on my phone is just in case, as I have the world's greatest sense of direction! (I'm a New Yorker, what can I say?)
—Guest Mr-Green05

Biking with kids

I bike with my 4 children (age range from 2-17 years) for quite a few miles- it's a day event for us. Small backpack on the back of the baby seat includes full change for tot. The wipies are by far the most useful for all kinds of things- especially after fooling with a bike chain. Bell makes a great all-in-one bike tool that is essential for quick repairs/tightenings. I live in Idaho, and puncture vine (goat heads) seeds are everywhere. Instead of changing an inner tube and pumping for years with a tiny porta-pump, a pressure can of slime is better. Water is #1; so having bottle holder on each bike is primary. Protein bars help to avoid muscle cramping; just have to measure out smaller portions for the kids and a simple granola bar for the tot. SUNSCREEN...don't forget the sunscreen. This is the misc. stuff on top of the obvious: helmets, weather appropriate clothing, sunglasses, shoes, lights/reflectors.

Must have for youngers

For me I would always take my shin pads. After all, being younger than most others, and much of a less experienced bikers, I would hate for the pedal to smash my shin. I also take a handy horn, louder than the bell, to alert drivers.
—Guest Wasif

helpful responses

Wow, these are all really good suggestions! Hopefully I'll be ready and prepared to bike ride!
—Guest morgan

Back-up power

Among other things such as water, sunglasses, essential medicines and emergency food, I carry a back-up solar charger such as Solmate Fusion (www.getsolmate.com)
—Guest AK

Biking Basics

I bring water, food, pump, rain coat, sun glasses, first aid kit, wipes, bright clothing, money, ID, extra clothes, lights, and plastic newspaper wrappers (so you can sit if needed when it is wet).
—Guest ACE17


In case of emergency: Along with the top 7 items listed in the article, I have found that carrying an extra day's worth of prescription drugs, a pair of pliers, & some dry gloves make a great day greater!
—Guest Bill Broens

Got All I Need

Usually when I go for a fairly long bike ride I bring a medium - small gym bag that can hold everything I need without being too annoying on my back. I put my cellphone in there as well as a portable tire pump, water bottles, healthy snacks with energy in them, ID, money (because you never know what you might have to buy), sunglasses, small pack of sterile wipes and bandages and finally my camera for the scenery you ride by! Lastly, I think it's very important--even if you're older then 18--to wear your helmet. One little fall and who knows? That could be the end right there.
—Guest Shannon

Basic First-Aid Kit

I always carry a rudimentary first aid kit. Big Band-aids, a two-ounce bottle of sterile water, Mercurochrome, plus a stretchy Ace bandage.
—Guest arthursrt

Handy dandy items

Bring lots of water, extra money (if you run out of water you can stop at a gas station), and sun glasses -- especially in Texas summer! Hope this helps!
—Guest mtbcool

What I take on a bike ride.

I normally take a small ruck sack with a water bottle, puncture repair kit, rain poncho, multi-tool, riding gloves, sun glasses, phone, tyre pump ,a thin hoodie (in cold weather), allen wrench, my keys and some money.

High Visibility Clothing

I have electric yellow shirts and I am planning to add fabric, light reflective bars on these shirts. All winter I encounter people riding bikes dressed in totally black clothing without so much as a reflector on their seat.
—Guest George McDade

an umbrella.

It has been a long time…. but I am planning a long ride and I think an umbrella that collapse, not for rain but for shade on hot days … I remember going on and on in the quest of a tree next to the road and I am not as good at getting under or over fences as I used to be…. Yes an umbrella.
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