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Anybody who has ridden any length of time has fondly remembered stories of on the fly bike repairs made out of necessity just to get home. Stories like this one of riding a century using only two gears after a shifter cable broke. Patching a split sidewall with duct-tape and a dollar bill. Stuffing a mountain bike tire full of leaves in the dark to try and make it the last two miles home. What's your story? Share your most memorable improvised repair here.

Tow Me Home!

My friend's chain snapped about 15km from home. The chain was already at its bare minimum in length, so I couldn't use my chain break to fix it. We finally we used that chain as a cable to tow the other person, lol. I towed him home by attaching the chain to my seat post and he held on to the other end. It was tough as we had to brake together, and be careful not to run into each other. Ever tried pulling another person on their bike on hills? LOL, it's not fun!
—Guest the Giant
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