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Reader Stories: Building up a Bike from Scratch vs Buying Complete


Getting the ideal bike can take time and money. For some it's most satisfying to start from scratch with a bare frame and then gathering the perfect components to create their dream ride. Others will look and look, scouring the internet and the aisles of their local bike shops until they find the perfect bike already assembled, and that they save time and money buying complete.

How to find the perfect bike for you!

Take the time to identify the purpose for the bike. Talk to other riders about their bikes - the features and components, the shop and support staff, and what they use their bike for. Look at where y…More

Building It Yourself Saves You Money!

When I decided to build my bike from scratch, I took a MTB steel frame that was gathering dust in my garage. I had to do some work on the frame (nothing major though). The first thing that I has to d…More

Working on Bikes Together: Camaradarie Within the Family

Learning bikes from scratch is tough. Many options and styles, etc. I bought a Gary Fisher NAPA (comfort bike) from ebay without wheels. Got some wheels and I had two bikes. Bought an Iron Horse Mave…More

Buy New vs Build Up: Good Options for Both

The learning process continues, and as I age and my physical abilities change, so does my riding style. As a result, the bike requirements seem to keep changing as well. What is good this year, may n…More

Both Routes Can Be Rewarding

As far as the complete bikes go, It is the easiest and most cost effective route. Bike manufactures get their parts wholesale and it is pretty much impossible to get the same parts and build up the b…More

Yard Sales are Great Places to Find Project Bikes

Attending a Police Auction started my addiction. Having purchased some bicycle specific tools got me thinking that I can get my money's worth if I rebuild\repair more bikes. So I started looking at …More

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