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Travel With Your Bike

One of the great things about cycling is seeing new places up close. Here you'll learn about great places to travel and explore with your bike, if a bike tour is right for you, and how to spend an entire vacation on your bike.
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Is a bike tour right for me?

Travel with your bike - Finding Ways to Ride When You're Gone…
Want to ride when you're away from home? Here are some suggestions on how to find a bike that's right for you when you're in another city.

Riding Away From Home
Travel with your bike. It's fun to ride when you're away from home, but getting your bike to a new city or finding a suitable bike to ride while you're there can be a challenge. Check out these options for travelling with your bike.

Bike Tour Packing List
Going on a bike tour? Here's a helpful list of basic items that you'll find useful and necessary on a bike tour of any distance.

Bike Touring Essentials - What You Have to Have Along With You on a Bike Tour
Going on a multi-day bike ride is different than just a trip around the block or even a day-long ride. The items you need are different and more specialized than just typical riding. Here's what experienced riders have found to be the kinds of things they have to have when bike touring to ensure success on the trip.

Arkel Dolphin 48 Pannier Review
Arkel Dolphin 48 Pannier Review -- a review of the Dolphin 48 saddlebags by Arkel

167 miles in one day - Bike ride from St. Louis to Lake of the Ozarks
In June 2012, a crazy guy from St. Louis named Rob Anderson set out to ride his bike from his home to the Lake of the Ozarks, a single day trip approaching 170 miles. Here is the account of his ride.

Adventure Cycling Association - 2008 list of Tours
The Adventure Cycling Association has released its list of tours for 2008. You'll find 44 different tours -- both supported and self-contained -- rolling through some of the most beautiful places in the United States and Canada. Find out about 'em here.

How to Find the Right Bike Tour for You
Have you dreamed of taking a bike tour, but aren't really sure how to go about finding the right one for you? This list of questions will help you identify the dream trip and get you on your way to making it a reality.

Choosing a Good Touring Bike
Looking to buy a touring bike? Here's a guide to the most important components of a touring bike, as well as some frame design factors that people commonly overlook.

Preparing Your Bike for Shipment
If you travel by rail or plane and bring your bike along with you, proper packing is critical. Uncover the key points of prepping your bike for shipment so that it is protected in transit and still rideable when you arrive on the other end.

2007 Bike Tours - A Directory by State
Here's a list of multi-day bicycle tours for 2007, listed by state. These rides typically have SAG service, designated stops and rider support.

Top Ten U.S. Road Bike Routes
This "Top 10" list actually has 12 of the best road rides in the U.S. Scenic tours from Arizona to Wisconsin, from Maine to California to the Nachez Trace. You'll find 'em all here.

Have You Ridden the Katy Trail?
Have you ridden the Katy Trail? At 240 miles, it is the longest rail-trail conversion in the United States. It's flat, scenic and perfect for bike touring. Share your experience or read stories from others who have ridden it.See submissions

Katy Trail ride journal - Day 5
This is an account of day 5 of my May 2011 misadventures on a cross-Missouri ride on the Katy Trail, a 240-mile former rail line now converted to a bike path.

Bike Through Europe: 12 Great Tours
Here's a great guide to twelve multi-day bike tours through Europe. This article offers detailed information about routes through Europe that can be accomplished through either self-guided or commercially-led tours. Write-ups have helpful detail about geography and attractions along the way as well as some gorgeous photos of the scenery you'll encounter.

Bike Touring Journals
Want to read up-close-and-personal accounts from cyclists on tour? Crazy Guy on a Bike is a centralized forum for bicyclists to post their tour diary in real time for all to see. Great photos, humorous and touching stories, they're all there. If you want to know what it is really like to go on an extended bicycle tour, here is the place.

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