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Best Gifts for the Tour de France Fan


Like any larger-than-life event worth its tire tubes, the Tour de France has spawned a legion of marketing opportunities. And this means that the diehard fan of the Tour de France has lots of choices for books, clothing, artwork and more, all with or related to the Tour de France. Check out the list below to see some of the best things you can get for yourself or another, all related to the Tour de France.

1. Tour de France Water Bottle

tour de france water bottle

The TDF water bottle and cage combo from Tour du Jour is a great set-up for you or your favorite cyclist. The screw-top water bottle  with spout conveniently carries water or your favorite sports drink, so you stay hydrated while celebrating the greatest bike race in the world.  Fluid Capacity: 24 oz.

2. Tour de France Podium Hat

Tour de France podium cap baseball
Headsweats offers you a "cool" way to show your love for the Tour with this special edition Tour De France podium hat. This traditional 6 panel, button-top baseball-style cap is constructed from high-tech AquaTrans fabric, which provides a great fit and wicks moisture to keep perspiration out of your eyes. If you're not wearing it to watch the race, it's great for running/walking, cutting the grass, napping on the couch, just about anything that you enjoy doing.

3. Graham Watson's Tour De France Travel Guide

graham watson tour de france travel tips insider's guide
Each July hundreds of thousands of fans head to France to watch its great annual bike race. But unless they've plan carefully, they'll arrive to find full hotels, blocked routes, overpriced food, chaotic roads, and endless frustration. Avoid that with Graham Watson’s Tour de France Travel Guide, which provides the ultimate insider’s access from one of the Tour’s most experienced old hands. In his 31 years of following and photographing the race, Watson has mastered the Tour’s daily challenges—where to eat, where to sleep, how to get around, how to see and photograph the race, and most of all, how to enjoy the greatest show on two wheels. Now you can get his complete set of inside tips on how to make the most of the experience.

4. Tour de France Cycling Socks

Tour de France sock sm
Several different types of socks can show your excitement for the Tour de France. Designed for any type of riding or athletic activity, these socks, which include ankle-high or traditional length socks from Defeet are lightweight, low bulk and offers enhanced airflow and durability. Crafted from a nylon/Coolmax/Lycra blend that feels soft on your feet, these socks are comfortable and cool while providing moisture management, ensuring your feet stay dry.

5. Future Champion: Tour de France - Kids Jersey

future tour de france champion kids shirt
If your favorite kid is headed for the podium some day, you can get them started off right with this funny shirt. Your little Lance will look great in this 3/4 sleeve shirt available in black on white, red/white or navy/white.

6. Vive Le Tour! Amazing Tales of the Tour de France

Vive le Tour book amazing tales of the Tour de France
Millions of spectators line the Tour de France route every year with some having camped a week in advance to get the best views of the world's best-known cycling race. In this absorbing collection of facts and anecdotes, Nick Brownlee covers the history, present, and future of this fascinating world. Details include the highs and lows, winners and losers, and triumphs and tragedies of this fast-paced and exciting sport.

7. Kraftwerk: Tour de France Soundtrack

kraftwerk tour de france soundtracks
Tour de France Soundtracks is an album released in 2003 by German techno/electronic band Kraftwerk to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France. From a review: "The album is a collection of tracks around a theme, a series of stages, like the Tour de France and the experience of a race: the beat, the breathing, the sound of bicycle chains, and there are these little flourishes that mirror the break-outs that happen in cycling - a knot of cyclists breaks away from the peloton."

8. Tour de France Coolmax Classic Helmet Liner/Bandana

headsweats bandana helmet liner coolmax classic tour de france sm
Here's a great way to be cool and comfortable when you ride. This special edition Tour De France CoolMax Classic from Headsweats features high tech fabrics are used to provide you with the most comfortable head covering yet. The CoolMax fabric is designed to keep you dry, wicking moisture away quickly while the CoolMax terry headband keeps perspiration off your face.

9. Tour de France Art Prints

Tour de France art print
If you're looking for cool and classy decor for your home, Tour de France themed artwork is a smart choice. With everything available from classic prints to vintage black and white photos to artwork featuring riders of today, you can find lots of very affordable artwork to hang on your walls.

10. Lance Armstrong - Photos from the Tour de France

Lance Armstong celebrating Tour de France victory

Like him or loathe him, you'd be hard pressed to argue that there is any figure more dominant in the history of the Tour de France than Lance Armstrong. Check out this collection of photos that show Lance in competition and on the podium after capturing yet another Tour de France.

Photos are double matted with acid free mats - white outside, black inside and then framed in a high quality black wood molding. Photo is protected by high strength premium clear glass. Approximate finished framed size is 12 1/4 inches by 15 1/2 inches. Each frame is inspected individually for defects then bubble wrapped for protection.

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