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A Guide to the Jerseys of the Tour de France

What Do Those Colors Mean?


The most famous bicycle race in the world is the Tour de France. Held each year in July, the race takes three weeks to wind its way through France over a variety of challenging terrain. First started in 1903, the race contains history and pagentry that goes far beyond an ordinary bicycle race.

Among the race's traditions is the wearing of special jerseys to signify the accomplishments of certain riders during the race. Do you know what these are, and what they mean?

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Lance Armstrong - 2005 Tour de FranceThe Yellow Jersey - Overall LeaderMickael Rasmussen - 2005 Tour de France, Stage 9, wearing the Polka-dot jerseyKing of the Mountains Marcus Fothen wearing the white jersey at Tour de France 2006White Jersey Marks Best Young RiderRobbie McEwen wearing the green jersey signifying the points leader at the 2006 Tour de France.Points Leader Wears the Green Jersey
Jersey Winners - 2006 Tour de FranceJersey Winners - 206 Tour de FranceRiders including world champ Paolo Bettini and Chad Beyer in the 2007 Amgen Tour of California.Rainbow Jersey
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