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Best Online Bike Games

Free Bicycle Games on the Internet


Mountain bike games, BMX games, bike racing games. There are tons of free bike games on the Internet. Some are so-so; some are great. Here's our list of the the best free online bike games on the world wide web, sorted with our favorites at the top.

One final note - these best bike games are just that - games involving bicycles. No motorcycles, ATVs, dirtbikes or anything else. Just bikes.

1. Whack a Cyclist with Dangerous Dave and Brutal Bob

dangerous dave brutal bob bike game tredz
You'll enjoy this twisted little game where you're the guy with the bat trying to whack a cyclist as he rides off a cliff. Hit him good and he'll fly far. Time your swing just right and launch him even farther. Extra distance when he bounces off gopher holes. Maybe you can score a new record!

2. Cyclo-Maniacs - Racing Game

Race against a host of hilarious characters, including Mr. T, Abbott and Costello (on a tandem), Elvis, Frankenstein, a pirate, a ninja, a penguin and more. Earn point to unlock new levels by completing a race in a certain time. Perform tricks for even higher scores. Cyclomaniacs has a whole bunch of worlds to explore, with different characters and levels to unlock along the way.

3. Cycle Racers - Road Bike Sprint

cycle racers computer game
In Cycle Racers, your two pals have challenged you to a race and you have no intention of losing. You "pedal" by pecking the left and right arrow keys to make the bike go. The faster your fingers, the faster your bike. Up and down arrow keys steer you around obstacles. No fancy tricks - just a flat-out head-to-head sprint to see who is fastest.

4. BMX Master

BMX master computer game
In this sweet BMX skill game, you use your arrow keys to control your bike on a nice course through the city. Lots of tricks here, controlled by the number keys 1-8. This game moves more quickly than BMX Extreme, so you'll need to be on your toes.

5. BMX Tricks

BMX tricks online bike game

This is a great free-style BMX game where you work your way through a flatland course featuring ramps, rails, mailboxes, hot-dog stands and variety of other obstacles chock-full of potential for a BMX-freestyler. Jump, grind and tailwhip your way through to earn points and move on. Easy-to-use, intuitive controls make this one a winner.

Bonus game: BMX Park -- similar to this but inside a BMX riding facility.

6. Mountain Bike Challenge

mountain bike computer game 2
Ride a mountain bike through deep hilly woods and reach the end of the track before your energy runs out. Pick up energy pills along the way to recharge your strength. Rocks and other obstacles make the course challenging.

7. BMX Extreme

BMX extreme online bike game
Similar to BMX Master, this BMX game uses similar controls and concepts as the others, but the focus is on a street course with lots of ramps, tabletops and quarter-pipes. With a little bit of a slower pace, you have more time to perform rad tricks for extra points after launching yourself off the ramps.

8. Stunt Bike Island-3D

Island Bike 3D
Stunt Bike Island 3D is a free-ride stunt game with a tropical twist. Your goal is to rack up points by catching air and performing stunts and trick moves. The more time spent in the air equals more points. Nailing a mid-air stunt doubles the points for a jump. Pick your outfit and customize your bike. This game has cool 3D graphics and offers three different islands to explore. An added bonus is the hilarious tropical power-ups, including a pineapple, lily, etc.

9. Reno 911 - Petty Theft Bicycle

Reno 911 petty theft bicycle
In Reno 911 - Petty Theft Bicycle, you're a stoner and you've stolen a police bike parked outside a donut shop. Dodge the cops trying to run you down in their patrol cars, and avoid the crazy stuff in the street - clowns, potholes, tar, etc.
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