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Raleigh Sports English 3-speed Bicycle


I was on Craigslist when I came onto an ad with the heading "Collectors and Cruisers Look Here! Antique Raleigh Bikes." I regularly ride an old Raleigh ten-speed that I stripped off the gears and turned into a single-speed commuter bike. So the ad got my attention, and I called the guy who listed it.

The bike turned out to be a classic black Raleigh 3-speed model from about 1970 called the Sports. It was being sold by an older gentleman who picks up bikes at flea markets, yard sales, etc., and then cleans them up and sells them. He had about 20 bikes in a workshop in his back yard, all of them for sale.

Anyway, after a test ride and some cash swapping, I brought home the bike. It looks sharp with original black and white paint job and it's big, heavy and slow - and fun as the dickens to ride.

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Raleigh sideRaleigh Sports 3-speed bicycleRaleigh crankCrankRaleigh hub3-speed internal Sturmey-Archer hubTraditional Raleigh colors
Raleigh side 3Raleigh Sports 3-speed bikeRaleigh rearRear view of the Raleigh Sports bikeChain guard and crank
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