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All About Olympic BMX


All About Olympic BMX

British cyclist Shanaze Reade (R) takes the lead in the women's Olympic test event on the BMX course at the Laoshan Cycling Complex in August 2007.

Feng Li/Getty Images

BMX -- short for Bicycle Motocross -- is still a very new Olympic event, making its debut at the 2008 Olympics games in Beijing. The BMX competition joins road, track, and mountain bike events to make bike racing the most exciting collection of sports in the Summer Olympic Games.

BMX - the Sport


BMX is a new Olympic event, so there's not yet a huge "Hall of Champions" to look back on. But certainly there were some memorable performances in Beijing that got things started.

BMX Athletes

The BMX athletes are a rare breed -- with the explosive legs of a racer, the strength and flexibility of an acrobat, and the steel nerves of a daredevil, you'll see athleticism and artistry here like no where else.

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