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Lance Armstrong - A Life in Cycling


Lance Armstrong is the most dominant professional cyclist in history. Winner of an unparalleled seven Tours de France, he has lived a life like few others. He has survived cancer when the prognoisis was bleak. He has dated celebrities, musicians and a host of other beauties. And now, after three years in retirement, he is racing again. These photos capture moments of his life, from his early days of racing up to the present, as he again comes forth, pursuing accomplishments that make up the stuff of legend.
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Lance Armstrong competes in an Ironman Triathlon.1991: Lance Armstrong Competes in the Ironman Triathlon1991: Lance Armstrong leads the pack during Stage Five of the Tour DuPont. Lance Armstrong - 1991 Tour DuPontLance Armstrong waterskiing on an Austin lake in 1994.Lance Cuts Loose!Lance Armstrong poses with his bike in May 1994 in Austin, Texas.Lance and His Bike
Lance Armstrong profile 1994Lance Armstrong - 1994Lance Armstrong in the early days of his professional cycling career in 1991.Lance Armstrong 1991Lance Armstrong competes in the Jeep Triathlon Grand Prix in May 1988 as a professional triathlete.1988: Lance competes in the Jeep Triathlon Grand Prix as a professional athlete.Lance Armstrong tdf stage 10 20052005: Lance races in Stage 10 of the Tour de France
Lance Armstrong2007: Lance Armstrong in the NYC marathonLance Armstrong wearing the Oakley Jawbone sunglasses in 2009.Lance Armstrong wearing the Oakley Jawbone sunglasses in 2009.
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