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Review: Rokform iPhone bike phone mount

Sleek, Durable Bike Phone Mount

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There are a number of different handlebar mounts for your phone on the market. Most work the same way: they clamp onto your handlebar in the same fashion that a bike light would. And while that sounds good in concept, generally phone mount designs are by necessity higher profile, i.e., taller, as a simple design requirement due to phones being larger and heavier than bike lights. This translates into less stable mounting, more wind resistance and frankly, most designs I've used haven't given me a great sense of security about keeping my phone in place. In fact, on a recent multi-day bike tour, my phone bounced out of its holder at least three or four times when crossing rumble strips on the highway shoulder.

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However, with their recent release, the people at Rokform have absolutely nailed the perfect design for an iPhone bike mount. Featuring a sleek, almost minimal design, the Rokform v3 case mounts directly into your steerer tube, making it both low-profile and absolutely proven to keep your phone in place.

Made from Billet 6061 T-6 aluminum and stainless steel, the phone case and mount just in general look cool from the get-go. When we were putting the phone case through its test, a certain 15-year-old who lives at my house saw me come home from my commute, pull out my phone in the Rokform case and throw it one the table. "Wow, dad," he said. "That's awesome." And I agree. It compares favorably to other cases I've used, sleeker in fact than some Otterbox iPhone cases we've tried as well.

The difference between the Rokform design and other models is again that it bolts right down into any bike with a 1-1/8 inch threadless steerer tube as opposed to being mounted on the handlebars. Rokform is carefully correct in their statement that the mount fits "most" bikes with the threadless steerer tube -- and this is an accurate qualifier. The threadless 1-1/8" steerer tube with separate stem is the dominant piece in the industry; virtually all bikes produced today have it. However, there are still older bikes out there (like my Fuji touring bike) that have the single piece quill stem, and those are not compatible. Also, the mount was not compatible with my Cannondale road bike with its System Integrated headset, but that was just a quirky thing and an exception. It's going to fit most every bike out there and installation is a snap. Just about any cyclist with 30 seconds and the ability to remove and replace a single bolt will be able to install this mount with no problem.

I mentioned my problems before with phone mounts that didn't hold the phone in place. No problems here. The Rokform bike mount features a dual retention lock system (interlocking rings, plus a strong magnet) that held my phone in place during our testing in all kinds of riding, even through the most teeth-rattling mountain biking. This puts the phone in front of you, highly visible and accessible, and allows you to listen to music, use Strava or GPS navigation easily. Comes with a lanyard for a 3rd layer of safety.

So would I use this? Heck yeah. The Rokform iPhone mount will keep your phone on your bike, handy and visible, guaranteed. You need to be willing to use the Rokform iPhone case as your daily case to make the whole set-up readily usable, i.e., take it on and off the bike mount quickly, as in a matter of seconds. If you wanted to keep using your normal case for day-in, day-out purposes, that would work too, I suppose, but you'd have to add the extra step of popping off your normal case and then switching to the Rokform case that goes with the mount. The Rokform case is certainly workable for everyday use, and in fact it is a part of a larger collection of interchangeable iPhone holders, cases, stands and accessories.


  • Weight 2.25 oz
  • Suggested retail price: $99.00
  • Rokbed v3 magnet kit included
  • Adjustable viewing angle from -20 to +55 Degrees
  • Dual retention lock system - Roklock & Maglok
  • Compatible with all 1-1/8 inch threadless steer tubes
  • Fits: Apple iPhone 4/4S/5, Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Designed, engineered and made in the USA
Rokform bike mount iphone
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