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Bike Shorts Reviews

A look at the best bike shorts, bibs, pants and bottoms


Like bike jerseys, cycling shorts are made for a specific purpose. People don't wear them just for fun or to get a laugh out of others. They are designed to reduce chafing, offer comfort for your bum, and to keep the pleasure in an all day ride. Here are a collection of reviews that we've done on bike shorts. Take a look at them and see what's right for you if you're in the market for a pair. If you don't see a set you'd like reviewed, please drop us a line.

1. Craft Elite Bib Shorts

Craft Elite bib shorts
Craft has put together a very nice pair of cycling shorts here with its Elite bib shorts. Once you get past the great look and feel, what'll strike you most about these bib shorts is how light the fabric feels. You'll love the fit and the feel of the shorts and the lightweight material, cool and wicking, is a killer component compared to thicker material used in other shorts. The pair has held up well in our extended test -- quality construction is not in question with these shorts.

2. Hincapie Gran Premio Bib Shorts

hincapie gran premio cycling bib shorts
So you've been watching the Tour and dream of riding like Big George Hincapie? That may not be possible, but you can sure look and feel like him and his BMC teammates with a new kit out from Hincapie Sportswear, the Gran Premio line of jersey and shorts/bibs. It's the exact same cycling wear that you see them dressed in out racing on the hills and flats of France, just without the BMC specific graphics.

3. Century Bike Shorts by Performance Bicycle

Century bike shorts performance bicycle
Performance Bicycle

Just about everyone who rides for any distance needs a pair of bike shorts.  And at a list price around $45 -- and found frequently on sale at $30 -- the Century bike shorts by Performance Bicycle are as inexpensive as you'll find when you start shopping shorts.  But is this a bargain and a value, or one of those "deals" that you end up regretting?  Find out in our review of the Century bike shorts by Performance Bicycle.

4. Ozon Bib Cycling Shorts by Gore Bike Wear

Ozon bib shorts by GORE Bike Wear
If you are serious about comfort and fit, you'll like the Ozon bib shorts by Gore Bike Wear. These bib shorts offer a lot of features without pretension of being anything other than rock-solid cycling wear. At a suggested retail price of $149.99, they are not entry level but with bike shorts, like most other things, you get what you pay for -- comfort and durable performance on the bike.

5. H-Flexx Bib Shorts by Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau Carbon Ion H-Flexx Bib Shorts rear view
If you've ever suffered through chafing, binding or the irritating drooping that can come with cheap bike shorts, you know that being uncomfortable can suck the fun right out of a bike ride. But the good news is that in these H-Flexx bibs, Louis Garneau has come pretty close to creating a pair of cycling shorts that will be a pleasure to wear for virtually any rider on a bicycle today.

6. Shins Knickers by Chrome Transport

Chrome Shins knickers
The Shins knickers, made by Chrome Transport in San Francisco, USA, are are intended to be both functional and cool, both literally and figuratively. They’re cut off just below the knee, to keep those pesky pants legs out of the chain as well as to create a compromise that fits that broad weather zone between shorts and full pants. These are comfortable as heck and rugged as a truck driver, meaning you can probably wear them for the next forty years and can still then leave them in your will for your grandkids, who'll no doubt wear them while doing track stands and drinking Pabst beer.

7. Boure Thermal Bib Tights/Knickers

Boure Knickers
Boure Knickers
For cool weather riding, you can't beat the comfort and construction of Boure's thermal tights. The Thermolite-Roubaix fleece lycra provides excellent defense against the chill, and with several options including a standard waist or bib top as well as 3/4 length knickers down below, there are a number of options to provide your preferred fit. Regardless of what specific choice you make, Boure's thermal cycling wear is a terrific cool weather addition to your wardrobe.

8. Canari Canyon Black Baggy Gel Cycling Shorts

Though purists may insist that form fitting black tights are the only option for cycling, there are plenty of other riders who like baggy bike shorts for reasons of modesty and comfort. It was for this group that Canari produced its Canyon mid-range version of the baggy bike shorts with features that emphasize comfortable cycling.

9. The Trek and Urban Wool Pants by Joneswares

Trek Trail Pants by Joneswares
An American manufacturer of wool clothing for cycling, running and other outdoor activity, Joneswares offers several nice selections specifically of interest to cyclists. These pants are warm, comfortable, look great and have worn well. Wool offers features (durability, odor resistance, comfort, plus wool's origin with a natural, renewable source) that synthetics can't match. As to the value of wool as a base material, I am a year-round bike commuter and I know firsthand how important it is to have clothes that keep you warm but which don't make you sweat.
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