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Weight Room Workouts to Improve Your Sprinting

Best Lifts to Build Leg Strength


DNY59/E+/Getty Images

If you watch bike races, or ride in them yourself, you know that winning consistently is all about being in the right position to sprint at the right time. This means usually that you want to come out of the last corner in one of the top five positions so that you can go all out for the finish. And it is at this moment that the very best sprinters will emerge on top.

While sprint workouts on the bike are an important part of training, that by itself is not going to be enough to maximize your leg strength and sprinting ability. To truly develop the major muscle groups to their full potential, you should augment your cycling workout with time in the weight room. This allows you to work different groups of leg muscles and to press them beyond what is possible by working out on the bike alone. This extra work will go a long way to developing that explosive leg strength and quickness needed to propel you to the front of the pack.

Specific Lifts for Cyclists to Build Leg Strength

In recommending these exercises, I also suggest that you speak with a personal trainer or someone at the gym who can make sure you are using the proper technique when doing these exercises. Additionally, they will be able to recommend the appropriate amounts of weight for you to use as you get started.

If you hit these exercises hard during the off-season and maintain your workouts at least twice a week when you're racing, you will almost certainly see significant improvements in your sprinting ability. And hopefully, the time you put in will pay off when you need it most -- heading for the finish line!

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