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How to Sell Bikes or Bike Parts on the Internet - Tips for Getting Top Dollar


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First Thing to Understand: Somebody Wants Your Stuff
How to Sell Bikes or Bike Parts on the Internet - Tips for Getting Top Dollar

One of the facts of the universe is that if you ride bikes, you're going to start accumulating bike parts. It's almost like they reproduce on their own, but it'll happen. Maybe you decide to change out your handlebars and end up with an extra set. Maybe you swap out your pedals or bike seat. Regardless, before long, you'll find yourself with a nice little collection of parts that you don't need and don't necessarily know what to do with. This is especially true if you like to work on bikes and upgrade your ride(s) frequently. That's because even a ho-hum project like converting a 12-speed bike into a single-speed commuter is going produce a whole pile of cast-off parts. Even now, people reading this article are nodding their heads in agreement, thinking of boxes of greasy old parts in their garage or basement that they knew what to do with.

The same holds true with whole bikes. It's easy to suddenly find yourself with a couple extra bikes sitting around. Maybe it's that mountain bike you took with you to college, and that you've kept for mostly sentimental reasons. Maybe it's a BMX bike you got for your kid that has been long since outgrown. Maybe it's a $20 rummage sale special that you couldn't pass on. It's easy. I have six bike sitting around right now and I'm not sure how it happened.

The good news is that for every old bike and every greasy old bike part you've got sitting around, someone somewhere out there has a need for it, and is willing and in fact happy to pay you cash for it. It's an awesome thing to be involved with, cause it's gonna help them get their currently kaputt bike working again or even better, or allow them to complete that dream project they've been working on.

Don't think that an item doesn't have value. I guarantee that every old part has a buyer; it's just a matter of connecting with them. And best of all, the older and more obscure your extra parts are, the better. That means it's going to be harder to find, and that there are not millions of other people out there already clogging up eBay offering the same thing.

However, speaking from the experience gained by both buying and selling lots of parts both online and in person over the years, I'll tell you that there are easy things you can do to help yourself and help others get matched up with what they are looking for. These tips will make the process go that much smoother, and best of all, help get you cash for the stuff you just have sitting around gathering dust.

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