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Old Raleigh 12-Speed Transformed into a Fixed Gear Bike


My friend Bill gave me an old 12-speed Raleigh that, while still a solid, classic bike, had seen its better days. Meanwhile, I found myself with a shorter commute with no big hills that I wanted to do year-round and in all sorts of weather. Voila - I suddenly had a use for the Raleigh and so in a two-stage project converted it into first a single-speed commuter bike with freewheel, then ultimately into a fixed gear bike with rack and fenders, perfect for commuting.

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Raleigh 12-speed: Diamond in the RoughFront DerailleurRear DerailleurParts Taken Off the Bike
New Chain Ring and Cog New Single-Speed Set-upSingle Speed Set-UpThe After Photo
Raleigh single speed bike with commuter equipmentPimp My Raleigh (For Commuting)The Raleigh set up as a fixie, with photo of the cranks, hub, chain, rear wheel.The Raleigh Rear Wheel and Hubmy fixed gear hub from Harris CycleryFixed Gear Hub on the RaleighHub Harris Cyclery Fixed Gear HubFixed Gear Flip-Flop Hub
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