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Best Gifts for Bike Riders

Ideas for the Cyclist in Your Life


Looking for just the right gift for a bike rider? You're sure to find the perfect thing for the cyclist in your life in our list below.

1. Wordlock Bike Lock

Word-Lock Bike Lock

The Word-Lock cable bike lock uses letters combinations instead of numbers to open the lock. Create an easy-to-remember word that means something to you as your combination and never be stuck again, unable to open your lock because you can't remember the code.

From $14.99

2. Wool Cycling Caps

Walz Cap tan hemp cycling cap

Whether you're looking for classic caps made from wool; performance bike caps made from high-tech material to wick away sweat; or even caps made from eco-friendly hemp, Walz Caps has a model just for you. Fun, affordable and very, very cool, these cycling caps are perfect, even if you don't think of yourself as a cap-wearer. Once you've tried them, you'll likely find there's no going back to the days when you wore nothing underneath your helmet.


3. Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses

oakley jawbone sunglasses

The Oakley Jawbone sunglasses have snappy colors, great optics and the endorsement of lots of pro cyclists, including Lance Armstrong and others. Patented switchlock technology allows lenses to be swapped out quickly and easily for any sports environment. Top-notch optics and anti-sheen coating on lenses coupled with venting on the lenses helps keep airflow moving around the eyes to help prevent fogging. Serious performance means serious cyclists will be able to see well under any conditions with these glasses.

Price: around $200, depending on model

4. Chrome Messenger Bag

Chrome Messenger Bag citizen

Chrome Transport in San Francisco, California, is known for its line of products that fit the urban cycling lifestyle. Chrome's products, which include knickers, footwear and a wide range of bags and packs, are designed with functionality and durability foremost in mind, and the same thing holds true with their messenger bags.

Built by people who know bikes and what it takes to last in day-in, day-out riding, Chrome's products -- including and especially the messenger bags -- contain an astounding level of quality and a great deal of built-in features that highlight both functionality and style.

From $120 and up

5. Bumper Issue Hydration Pack

Bumper Issue Hydration Pack by Crumper

In a world of hydration packs that seem to be either black, gray or some other dull color, Bumper Issue hydration packs are a breath of fresh air. With color combinations that include bright blue/green matching or a frenetic red/yellow/rotten orange pairing, these packs are funky and fun.

And when you add the Bumper Issue's solid, comfortable construction, coupled with a smart, well-organized design that has lots of pockets, big and little and all readily accessible, the Bumper Issue hydration pack comes recommended

Price: $95.00

6. Candy Clipless Pedals by Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers Candy SL pedals

If you like the minimalist look and excellent performance of Crank Brothers signature Eggbeater pedals, but perhaps long for a bit more platform, the Candy pedal also by Crank Brothers will be just want you want. The pedal is easy to maintain, is plenty durable and sheds mud easily if you take it off-road.

From $54.95

7. Pryme BMX Helmet

Pryme 8 helmet

If you're looking for a basic, solid helmet for BMX or skating, look no further than the Pryme 8 helmet. With a range of colors that'll suit anyone's taste - from flat black and olive drab to eggplant, rust and pink - you can even get the jazzed-up graphics on the sister model Pryme 8 Tat2 helmet.

The Pryme 8 is is a well-made helmet that will give you durable, no-frills performance for BMX, skating or any other action sports, so the focus can be on you and not what's sitting on your head. And at an on-line price commonly around $20 bucks plus shipping, the cost is right indeed.

8. Lance Armstrong's New Book: Comeback 2.0 - Up Close and Personal

lance armstrong sm comeback 2.0 up close and personal book

Comeback 2.0: Up Close and Personal is a new book by Lance Armstrong that details his return to professional cycling in 2009. Essentially a collection of Lance’s own journal entries compiled over the course of the past year, this 208-page book features color photography by top-notch cycling photographer Elizabeth Kreutz, who followed Armstrong along the way.

Armstrong's desire to return to professional cycling received mixed reactions from his family and friends, his coach and business partners and cycling fans around the world. But in true Lance fashion, he pressed on, and we watched it all unfold in July, 2009, when he ended up third on the Tour de France podium. This is the story of that journey.

Compare Prices

9. Cycling Jerseys From Your Favorite College Sports Teams

florida gators jersey
Adrenaline Promotions

If you're a cyclist and a college sports fan, you should check out these jerseys. Featuring bright colors and logos from your favorite teams, these jerseys are a great way to show your allegiance to your favorite school. Available in road or mountain bike styles, chances are you'll find just about any tier I school that you're looking for, from Alabama and Arizona to Wisconsin, Wyoming and Yale. They're well-made and comfortable, and you'll enjoy wearing them either on the bike or at the game.

Around $85, depending on source.

10. Power Grips Pedal Straps

Power Grip Pedal Straps

Power Grips pedal straps are a durable and effective way to mimic most of the positive effect of having special bike shoes that click into your pedals without the expense and added complexity.

Cheap and easy to install, Power Grips Pedal Straps can help increase your pulling power on the upstroke and yet are easy to get into and out of in a flash - not nearly the topple problem as bike shoes that attach to the pedals. Though it isn't exactly the same as using a shoe/pedal combo of course, but with the price and ease of use, they're a darn good alternative for many cyclists.

From $24.95

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