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Great Places to Ride Your Bike: A Guide to Seeing the World from Two Wheels

Looking for great places to ride your bike? Here is a collection of places our guide has ridden. Read current feedback, filled with candor and inside information on where to go and what to do on your bike.
  1. Bike Tours - New York City

Katy Trail Ride Journal - Day 1: May 9, 2011
This is an account of my May 2011 misadventures on a cross-Missouri ride on the Katy Trail, a 240-mile former rail line now converted to a bike path.

Katy Trail ride journal - Day 2
Katy Trail ride journal - Day 2 - May 9-13, 2011.

Katy Trail ride journal - Day 3
This is an account of day 3 of my May 2011 misadventures on a cross-Missouri ride on the Katy Trail, a 240-mile former rail line now converted to a bike path.

Katy Trail ride journal - Day 4
This is an account of day 4 of my May 2011 misadventures on a cross-Missouri ride on the Katy Trail, a 240-mile former rail line now converted to a bike path.

Bike Riding in Portland, Oregon - Bicycle Heaven Right Here on Earth
Portland, Oregon is generally regarded as one of the very best American cities for biking and bike culture. Find out here why that is, and what you should expect when you ride in Portland.

Bike Riding in Portland - Share Your Experiences and Recommended Places to Ride
Ever go riding in Portland? Share your best bike recommendations with your fellow bicyclists here and read what others have to say. Best routes, parts of town to ride, best places to check out on a bike.

Biking in Boston
Boston is a great city, just perfect for getting around on a bike. Here's some tips and insight on what you can expect and some suggestions for great routes to take you around the city

Bike Riding in Destin, Florida
If you're going to the Destin or Fort Walton Beach areas of the Florida panhandle and want to either rent or take your bike, here is a guide to riding in the area. There are great places to ride, and others where you're taking your life in your hands, so give this a look before you head out.

Reader feedback - bike riding experiences in Destin - Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Readers offer comments and feedback of their own bike riding experiences in the Destin - Fort Walton Beach areas of Florida's Panhandle region

Tampa, Florida: Downtown Bike Tour
Tampa, Florida is a great place for cycling with its year-round sunshine and generally flat terrain. Here's a nice tour around the downtown area that's low traffic and high scenery and perfect for riders of all abilities.

Ride Review: San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio, a dusty Texas town is famous for the Alamo and its Riverwalk, but it should be famous for its cycling too. Here's why it's a great place to ride, road and mountain bikes alike.

Review of the Downhill Mountain Bike Park at Canyons Resort, Park City, Utah
Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah has developed a special "bike park" area for downhill mountain biking. Ski lifts carry mountain bikes to the top. But is it awesome or just yawn-inspiring?

Fort Collins Bike Brewery Tour
Like beer? Like bikes? Then you'll love the tour that folks in the Fort Collins, Colorado Convention and Visitors Bureau have created, where you can spend a happy afternoon pedaling from one microbrewery to another on this fabulous beer tour. Plus, with a location 50 miles north of Denver, Fort Collins is economical easy to get to from most...

Bike Riding in Washington D.C.
Bike riding in Washington D.C. - here are tips and suggestions for the best places to bike ride in Washington D.C.

Bike Riding in Washington, D.C.
Bike riding - in Washington, D.C. - For many reasons, Washington, D.C. is the ideal place to ride a bike. For a tourist or a visitor, a bicycle offers an easy way to cover lots of ground, yet still see things up close and in person. Here's a guide to bike riding in Washington, D.C.

Great Battlefield Bike Tours
Battlefields, state and national parks and historical sites are often perfect for bicycle tours. Here are some historic sites and historical themed tours including some from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the Underground Railroad you should consider for bike touring.

Ride Guide: West Orange Bike Trail, Orlando, Florida
Here's a review and description of the West Orange Bike Trail in Orlando, Florida

What to Expect in Downhill Mountain Biking
So you're thinking about downhill mountain biking? Here's a look at what to expect. Ride the ski lift up with your bike. Shred back down the mountain. Repeat over and over, all day.

Cycling in Germany - The Perfect Place to Ride a Bike
Germany is a dream come true for cyclists, with its many routes in and around cities, great mountain biking trails and scenic routes for touring cyclists. Check out this highlight of cycling opportunities in Germany.

Arkansas Mountain Biking Report: Cedar Glades Park
Cedar Glades Mountain Biking Trail: a report on the trails at Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Cedar Glades Park User Reviews of Mountain Bike Trails
Cedar Glades Mountain Bike Trails User Reviews

Getting Dirty in Houston: Mountain Biking in Memorial Park
Houston's Memorial Park is a large urban park that holds a lovely secret: a whole bunch of awesome mountain bike trails.

Book Review: Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail
A book review of Bicycling Guide to the Mississippi River Trail: A Complete Route Guide Along the Mississippi River, written by Bob Robinson.

Top Five Route Mapping Websites
Want to know the six best websites for mapping your bike routes? This article reviews five of the most-widely used tools available and gives pros and cons of each.

Have You Ridden the Katy Trail?
Have you ridden the Katy Trail? At 240 miles, it is the longest rail-trail conversion in the United States. It's flat, scenic and perfect for bike touring. Share your experience or read stories from others who have ridden it.See submissions

Portland Church Has Special Shrine for Cyclists
At St. Stephan's Episcopal Church in Portland, the only known U.S. church with specific welcome and emphasis on cycling, bike riders are made to feel especially welcome.

Memorial Park - Houston: User Reviews of Mountain Bike Trails
These are reviews of the mountain bike trails in Memorial Park - Houston. Read user reviews of mountain biking trails in Houston's Memorial Park.

Readers respond: Bike riding in Napa and Sonoma, California
Have you ridden in the Napa Valley or Sonoma area of California wine country? Share your story or hear what others experienced.

Ride review: Guide to Biking in Sonoma/Napa Valley, California.
Want to know where the locals go? Check out our ride review: Guide to Biking in Sonoma/Napa Valley, California.

Ride Review: Biking in Pittsburgh
Visiting Pittsburgh and thinking of exploring the place by bike? Or maybe you're a local getting out on two wheels for the first time. Here's a guide and overview to biking in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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