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What Is Spinning? - Indoor Cycling Class Description - Bicycling
Spinning®-brand classes or other indoor cycling workouts (such as LeMond, Reebok or Schwinn, which all have slight variations to how they approach this) can ...
Spinning the pedals - Bicycling - About.com
Definition: Spinning the pedals on your bike is a pedaling techinque where you pedal fast in an easier gear. With higher RPMs of the pedals, you can go just as ...
What to know before you go into an indoor cycling spinning/hybrid ...
Thinking about trying an indoor cycling class? Or maybe taking on a blended Spinning® class that combines an indoor cycling group stationary bike workout ...
Learning How to Spin on Figure Skates - Figure Skating - About.com
Learning to spin on ice skates is not easy, but is so much fun!
Spinning Dancer Illusion - The Silhouette Illusion - Psychology
The spinning dancer illusion is an interesting illusion in which an ambiguous silhouette can appear to abruptly change direction. See the spinning dancer ...
Spin - Definition and Examples of Spin in Communication
In politics, business, and elsewhere, spin is often characterized by exaggeration, euphemisms, inaccuracies, half-truths, and excessively emotional appeals.
How to Fix a Spinning Pinwheel of Death on Mac - About.com
Once in a while, for no apparent reason, you may encounter the SPOD (Spinning Pinwheel of Death). You know, that multicolored pinwheel mouse pointer that ...
Before You Buy a Spinning Reel - Saltwater Fishing - About.com
Of all the reels made, the spinning reel is by far the most popular. Easy to use and virtually backlash free, these reels come in all price ranges. Prices vary ...
The Physics of Spin in Table Tennis - About.com
About.com guest author Jonathan Roberts explains how the Newtonian laws of physics apply to spin in table tennis. Find out about the mathematics and physics  ...
Guide Picks - Top 3 Heavy Spinning Reels - Saltwater Fishing
Heavy spinning reels are used in a variety of fishing situations, from surf fishing to trolling blue water. They are made tough and will stand up to a reasonable ...
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