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David Fiedler

Road Bike Trick Riding

By May 28, 2013

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Martyn Ashton road bike party trick riding stuntsMaybe you've seen the incredible Danny Macaskill riding around an old abandoned train yard, performing astounding feats on his bike in the internet short, Industrial Revolutions.  It's potentially the most beautiful, amazing bike video I've ever watched.  In it, Macaskill rides a special set-up created by Inspired Bikes (description very bottom of linked page) that can handle the intense trick/trials riding that he does.

Now along comes a guy named Martyn Ashton, who in his video "Road Bike Party" does very similar tricks, full-out off-road riding and some BMX-style bike work, all on the same high-end road bike used by Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish of Team Skye and (somewhat comically, in my opinion) typical spandex/lycra road bike fit.  It'd be like watching the Tour de France and suddenly some guy is doing 360's, full flips (no joke) and wall rides all on his racer.

Ashton also has an accompanying video with hilarious outtakes and mishaps, so you can see that these incredibly smooth riders are in fact actual humans don't get it right the first time every time.


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