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David Fiedler

Buying a Bike: Avoid the Big Box Stores

By December 15, 2012

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Man buying a bike - looking at bikes in a storeSo it's the time of year in many parts of the world when the holiday pressure is hitting its peak.  Bikes are almost always a great choice but people desperate to find gifts for spouses, kids and others sometimes rush into quick decisions and make a bike-buying decision based on mainly on price that is certainly no bargain in the long run.

Sometimes bike stores can be intimidating places, like they are for racers only and only carry "expensive" bikes. People ask themselves, why would I want to go there when I can find a bike at a "big-box" store like Wal-Mart or Toys'R'Us for half of the price.

Our friends at Commute Orlando have put together a nifty chart showing the comparison between bike shops and big box stores and why if you want to give somebody a decent gift, buying a bike from a local bike shop is a far better choice that getting it from a mass-market retailer.

Bike store people are knowledgeable folks who love bikes and getting people on them. Using their expertise to help you with your purchase is a way to ensure that your gift is ridden and enjoyed for years, vs being a frustrating, unpleasant experience that gets quickly junked.

Commute Orlando comparison: Bikes are Not Toys -- why it only makes sense to visit a bike shop for your purchase and avoid the mass-market retailers.

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December 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm
(1) john laker says:

I made just this mistake last year in buying (online) a “big box” so-called MTB from the Aussie equivalent of Wal-Mart. Foolishly I believed because it bore a once famous local brand that it would be a quality item. How dumb was that! Of course it was made you know where and is total rubbish. It is not possible to ride it without constant problems. I have ridden cycles all my life & despite lots of tweaking this one defies me. I’d give it to some poor sap but that would be an unfair thing to do. Luckily I have an old bike that WAS made here & it proves every time I ride it just how good we (Aust.) once were.

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