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David Fiedler

No More Pinch Flats When Replacing a Tire

By November 23, 2010

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Ever get a flat in a brand new tube? Sometimes a person will accidentally pinch it with the lever trying to remount the tire.  Here's a  nifty trick that avoids that problem altogether, where you reseat your tire without using tire tools.

1. Take off the old tire and repair (or replace) the tube.

2. Put the old tire back on halfway.

3. Put the tube in the tire, insert the valve stem through the hold in the tube and inflate it just enough to hold its shape.

4. Using your hands, work the other bead of the tire evenly on both the left and right sides starting at the valve stem. As your hands meet about 180 degrees from the valve stem the tire will get noticeably harder to push on.

5. Now, to give yourself a bit more stretch to get the final portion of the tire on, you just push the valve stem into the rim and squeeze the edges of the tire together there, push them down into the deeper part of the rim. You can do this with one hand (or a helper) and then push the remaining bit of tire on the opposite side onto the rim without using a tire lever.

The friend who recommended this method began using it when he kept pinch-flatting tubes trying to install a set of puncture resistant Schwalbe Marathon tires (mmmm, kevlar!) onto his commuter bike.

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November 24, 2010 at 8:47 pm
(1) Bob says:

You can use a couple of toe clip straps to hold the tire in the center of the rim.
Reusable nylon ties will also work.

December 2, 2010 at 12:36 pm
(2) Dave says:

My suggestion is to be really careful.

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